30 top universities in Lahore

30 Top Universities in Lahore


Lahore is a heart of Pakistan with more than 10 million people. Almost each province of Pakistan is connected with this city, amazed? Yes, no need to think about what you just read here, as it is a fact. Let us remove your confusion from your innocent mind. In Lahore city you will see the residents come from each province of Pakistan. It has showed quite big heart. It is giving employment opportunities, education facilities and health care advanced techniques can be availed here. A number of education institutes are proving world class education to the students. Here we will also reveal 30 top universities in Lahore.

Best Universities in Lahore:

Each year a lot of students from abroad come and get admission in top ranked universities of Lahore. Latest education facilities are being provided in order to bring qualified and eligible persons for the organizations.

Universities in Lahore

Universities in Lahore are not built in recent years only rather there is an old history for the colleges and universities in Lahore. You can say like one can check the history of the Lahore universities back since 1880s. Over 100 years have been passed when Lahore started to educate the inhabitants. The top ranking of Lahore universities is very important because a student needs to check where to get the higher degree for his or her education future.

One can have wish to be a successful doctor or there could be a desire to run a large scale business. Some students have strong wish to join engineering universities. Some would love to try their luck in medical universities. Some aspirants are eager to join business schools. So, it all depends on the student’s personal choice. But the core value is there must be optimal options or alternatives for students.

Lahore based universities

It is true that academies, schools or Lahore based universities are increasing day by day. But the standard of teaching should also be exemplary. There should be a balanced system in universities. If some college or university is focusing on the development of employer’s employee relations only then it means they are missing the vital elements. Yes, they are skipping the values and interests of students. Because students are the agents who can take the challenges with quite optimistic approach.

30 top universities in Lahore

So, the focus should be on the growth of each concerned party. Then we can hope for the productive results. Top universities in Lahore would assist the students in the following ways

  • Establish the ability for critical thinking
  • Establish the capacity to manage the tough conditions
  • Establish a sense of social responsibility in the society
  • Establish a sense to have productive contacts with locally and internationally

Top universities help the students to get the highest marks in their exams and bring the better solutions. If a university degree does not teach the students to bring multiple solutions for a problem, then it cannot be held as a perfect university.

When a student wants to avoid the problems then believe us, it cannot be declared a productive study. Either there is a fault on behalf of that student or the university system is defective. Because in life and in companies we have to react fast on unpleasant situations. So, sometimes avoiding the issues may bring a huge loss. That’s why a university system must prepare the real leaders.

Here are 30 Top universities of Lahore, Punjab (Pakistan):

1.University of the Punjab

2.University of Central Punjab

3.King Edward Medical University

4.Lahore University of Management Sciences

5.Beaconhouse National University

6.University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

7.The University of Lahore

8.Global Institute

9.Lahore Garrison University

10.Lahore Leads University

11.Qarshi University

12.Superior Group of Colleges

13.National College of Arts

14.Information Technology University

15.University of Health Sciences, Lahore

16.Nur International University

17.Forman Christian College, Lahore (University status)

18.Lahore College for Women University, Lahore

19.University of Management & Technology, Lahore

20.Minhaj University, Lahore

21.Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore

22.Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore

23.Government College University, Lahore

24.University of Education

25.Hajvery University

26.Ali Institute of Education

27.National College of Business Administration and Economics

28.University of South Asia

29.University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

30.Lahore School of Economics

30 top universities in Lahore

best ranked universities in Punjab

So, we need to focus only on the authorized and best ranked universities in Punjab (LHR) this will ensure the secure future and we can easily complete the requirements of degree. Another thing to consider as student point of view is, can we get jobs in foreign countries easily if we have Pakistani degree. So, the point is it will depend on the university’s worth and standard.

Furthermore, getting admission in foreign universities either on scholarships or on merit base will work only when we are quite sure that HEC recognized degree we will get after 3 or 4 years of education. The foreign office must also support that college or university of Lahore if you want to go abroad for higher study.

Ranking Criteria for Top Ranked Universities:

Obviously there are multiple factors that can be counted for ranking criteria. HEC and other independent organizations keep checking several educational and non-educational elements for awarding the ranking.

There can be questions that how to make the process of universities ranking fair and fact based. But after each year almost every university get a chance to show its performance. And the performance can be based on students’ results or the research trends etc.

Quality assurance in almost each university will decide the ranking or standard. For example, if there are 100 points that are added in ranking process then the quality assurance points will not be less than 15. It means the quality of research, quality of research laboratories, quality of ambiance, quality of class rooms, quality of labs, quality of play grounds, quality of practical activities will be counted.

30 top universities in Lahore

Similarly, if a university has a big quantity of Ph.D professors then ultimately the ranking and quality will be improved. And the total marks or weightage in university ranking criteria will be increased. It can be more than 30% in overall ranking. So, faculty members is a main element which helps in getting high ranking.


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