Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students

Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students


Almost every student is looking for a scholarship and / or a living scholarship that will help him/her focus on the studies. In Pakistan, there are hundreds of types of Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students that allow many students to win them. Fortunately, there are quite a few portals of information about scholarships, but here we are trying to give you most accurate and relevant information regarding undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students. In this post we will explain some Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students which can be helpful for thousands of students in Pakistan.

There is no doubt that an academic degree can be for many, especially young and deserving students but also older people, a ticket to employment places. Indeed, it is an opening for broadening horizons as well as for a better economic future.

Higher education is costly

But whether it is a bachelor’s degree or a more advanced degree, one of the significant barriers to access to higher education in Pakistan is it is not at cheap price at all. It deters many from entering into higher education system.

But in order to help as many as possible to reach the desired degree, there are quite a few bodies, organizations, associations and foundations that award scholarships on tuition under different conditions.

In order to put you in order, we have decided to present you with few top scholarships distributed by various bodies and can help you and your loved ones who wish to acquire higher education. Remember that even if you have no time to apply for these scholarships for the coming college or university year, they may still help you in the years to come.

Latest Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students 2020-2021

Here you will be going through about latest and current Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students. Many options are available for undergraduate students.

  1. Undergraduate scholarship schemes by Ehsaas Scholarship program
  2. Scholarship program by KP worker welfare Board
  3. Master and Undergraduate Scholarship scheme by Khalid Sherdil Undergraduate Funds
  4. Azad Jammu & Kashmir Scholarships under Zakat and Ushr Department
  5. SIIT Thailand Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship Program
  6. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Undergraduate Scholarships Programs for students of Balochistan & Fata
  7. MTS Merit based and fully funded undergraduate scholarship
  8. HEC Need Based Scholarship Program for Undergraduate
  9. Scotland Pakistan Scottish Scholarship Program for
  10. Undergraduate scholarships on behalf of Interloop Need based scholarship
  11. COMSATS labour quota Scholarship (under Punjab Worker welfare)
  12. KP CMEEF Scholarship CM Education Endowment Fund

Scholarship schemes

You must have information about the scholarship schemes and awarding bodies for your future use. Once you decide to have bachelor or master degree the next goal is to decide best university of the area. The problem is nowadays, tuition fee, registration fee, exam fee, library fee or sports funds are quite high. Every student is not able to pay the required amount that’s why it becomes very important to avail such scholarship schemes.

These scholarship programs are designed to help you overcome the difficulty of paying tuition at the beginning of your studies.

All students in the first semester of their studies are eligible to apply for a scholarship as part of the scholarships program (applicants will be exempt from paying late registration fees).

Scholarships on Socio-economic basis

Students who are found eligible on a socio-economic basis will receive a scholarship to assist with the course in their first semester. The scholarship is a monetary amount that is transferred to the student’s tuition account at the designated university and is intended to help fund the first semester initially.

Students who have received the first scholarship in the program will be eligible to receive an additional scholarship provided they pass the first course of their studies successfully (they must be examined on one of the first dates of the course) and will be registered for the course in the following semester. Pay attention! The continuation scholarship does not include an exemption from late registration fees and is automatically given to those first who are eligible.

Once you get scholarship then next goal will be to retain it. Some students don’t focus on their study as they don’t have to pay after getting scholarship amount. Keep in mind its very dangerous for career and it may lead towards loss.

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Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students
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Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students
In Pakistan, there are hundreds of types of Undergraduate scholarships for Pakistani students that allow many students to win them
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