Bachelor degree in Graphic Design

Bachelor degree in Graphic Design


Are you passionate about design in all its forms, do you want to train yourself as a designer to make it your job? A lot of colleges and universities in Pakistan offer Bachelor degree in Graphic Design that necessarily meet your expectations and allows you to obtain diplomas/degrees in your chosen sector.

A graphic design course, currently offered by various colleges in the country and by leading design schools, exposes its participants to both a creative and challenging field. The course gives its graduates a graduation certificate at the end of the study period and is delivered by first-rate lecturers, engaged in the field of graphic design.  During the course, students participate in various theoretical and practical lessons, which allow them to experience what they have learned and develop the skills required for those who want to engage in the field.

Who is the Bachelor degree in Graphic Design suitable for?

A Bachelor degree in Graphic Design is suitable for anyone who is interested in design and art. The course provides important tools and helps in the development of various skills, which the designer will have to use during his work. The course is suitable for those persons with experience in designing and they have some background in the field and also for those who have little knowledge or background in graphic design. It is suitable for people with access to computers, creative people who are attracted to aesthetics, beauty and of course – design.

Bachelor degree in Graphic Design

The Bachelor degree in Graphic Design training leads to acquire a good job. The objectives of the graphic design bachelor course are to perform a key role in graphic design department which is normally connected with marketing team. Because every business setup needs promotion, so a professional designer can give his/her creativity to throw company’s message. The upcoming offers are made attractive through designs so that people look at them.

The main objective of the Graphic Design Bachelor training/degree is to prepare people for the profession of art & designing over a period of 12-36 months. The schedule is divided between continuous courses and internships in companies as well, in the areas of product design, graphic design and packaging design.

This Bachelor degree in Graphic Design prepares for the following professions:

  • junior designer specializing in product design for the general public;
  • design of communication supports;
  • creation of logos and visual identities.
  • industrial design; – packaging of all kinds;

The content of the Graphic Design Bachelor course is based on different sections or modules. Some of them are given below.

  • Communication
  • English
  • Printing process
  • Visual aid Marketing
  • Illustration
  • 2D/3D computer graphics
  • Model & volume
  • Motion design
  • Photo
  • Project
  • Methodology
  • Workshops

Admission requirements for a graphic design course

Admission requirements for a graphic design course are determined by the study framework itself and therefore vary, depending on the college chosen by the student. These are usually conditions that include the presentation of a portfolio for the purpose of being impressed by the candidate’s work style and skills, as well as a personal admissions interview.

In some cases, candidates are required to successfully pass entrance exams (for the purpose of screening candidates) and also present a full academic background with grades.

What do you learn as part of Bachelor degree in Graphic Design?

Graphic design studies include a selection of topics including:

  1. Basic graphics
  2. interactive decoration
  3. Product design
  4. Brand
  5. Marketing Communications
  6. Visual images and the feelings and emotions they evoke
  7. illustration
  8. Typography
  9. advertising

In view of the high demand for short certificate studies in graphic design, there are many educational institutions that offer this option. In most cases the studies last 6 months to 12 months, but naturally there are also longer and shorter routes.

The field of graphics includes any system of symbols that communicates and conveys a message visually. Image design, web design, letters, illustrations, photographic advertisements, logo design, business card design, graphic design of a newspaper, book layout, cartoons, wedding invitation design, billboards: all these and others come from the world of graphics. The study of graphics provides students with an introduction to each of these areas, through the study of software, creative and developmental processes, thought forms and more traditional skills such as manual illustration and drawing.

As part of Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, students take courses in the field of typology, graphic design software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Maya and more), working with printing, programming languages ​​for web design, three-dimensional thinking, knowledge of colors in various media, composition, technical drawing and drawing skills development.

Also, in this course emphasis is placed in one specific skill track during whole course of graphic design through which the idea passes until it becomes a final graphic product.

Bachelor degree in Graphic Design

The studies in Bachelor degree in Graphic Design are theoretical studies in part, and in part practical studies. They deal with topics such as: art history, illustration, composition, creative thinking, presentation, various design and graphics software, 3D, interactive design, interface design, marketing and advertising and more.

Students participate in various classes, which include exposure to the designer’s tools, such as Photoshop, Freehand, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, AutoCAD and so on. With the help of Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, students can develop the various skills which are required by any graphic designer and express their design idea in a practical way. These tools are intended for designing catalogs, various newsletters, brochures, books as well as websites and mobile applications

Bachelor degree in Graphic Design
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Bachelor degree in Graphic Design
A Bachelor degree in Graphic Design is suitable for anyone who is interested in design and art. The course provides important tools
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