Online Learning Websites in Pakistan

Online Learning Websites in Pakistan


Online learning is getting popular these days especially due to this coronavirus pandemic many people are inclined toward online learning. Learning digital skills has now become a trend and people are very much interested in chasing newer and newer skills. We are lucky enough that things have turned so easy. We can access any online learning platform within a single click. This digital world has actually made our lives quite easier. Read more details of Online Learning Websites in Pakistan here in this article.

Modern and Digital era

While living in a modern and digital era, one can feel the pleasure of accessing anything at any time so there are no limitations for online learning neither for time nor for the place. This digital world has opened up several avenues for the education department all over the globe. People can easily access different learning platforms that offer multiple skills to students across the world.

The internet world is full of freelancing websites where you can easily sign up and can earn a handsome amount in return. Everything is happening online. You don’t need to go anywhere or to ask anyone about your work. You simply need an account, laptop, skills, and a strong internet connection. Many people find online learning websites quite beneficial to learn new skills diplomas, while many people refer to online courses to upgrade their skills. So, freelancing indeed helps individuals to secure their future and to pursue their career while being their own bosses.

However, in Pakistan, many people are unaware of the benefits of freelancing. They could not make it possible to utilize their skills in more effective ways. For such people, we are here to guide you towards several websites that will offer you a hundred plus courses.

Students across the country are taking advantage of these online learning websites. It has become the sole source for them to utilize their time and skills in better ways. Time has gone when education was confined to a single place.

Online Learning Websites in Pakistan

There are several platforms that offer free online education to the students. Some of these websites are paid while many are offering learning courses free of course. Many online websites are also providing online certificates for a certain diploma or skill.

The team Talibilm has compiled a list of top ten online learning websites for the ease of the students during this pandemic. You can very easily access these websites. Students are free to choose courses while sitting at home.

Learning these online courses will help you in increasing your earnings and proving your skills and talents. You have to be aware enough of all the digital happenings in the world. For this purpose, we are here to guide you.

Below is the list of online learning websites in Pakistan!

  • Udemy
  • Digiskills
  • Coursera
  • Skillshare
  • Skillsuccess
  • Live Training Hub
  • Instutor
  • Pakistan Institute of Computer Science
  • MDi Pakistan Online Training
  • Harvard Online Courses

If you want to get rid of high fee plans at several good institutes then you can find these online learning websites quite helpful. You don’t need to pay high costs for these courses. So, why waste money while registering in any educational institute, just go for these virtual free of cost solutions to your educational problems.

The above-mentioned list has been curated after a thorough and detailed analysis of some of the best and reliable online learning websites globally and particularly in Pakistan. So, let’s explore these courses for free!


Udemy has been registered as one of the best online learning platforms that provide hundreds of online courses to the students without any restrictions. In Pakistan, Udemy is the most trustworthy online website that many Pakistanis are relying upon.

It is worth noticing that at Udemy you will be surprised to see more than 65,000 courses based on various subjects. It also has a wide range of skills, professions, and talents for those who want freelancing for a better future. If anyone of you is interested in doing a new course or to enhance his or her skills in any field, he can easily consult Udemy for it. Going Udemy won’t let you down at any moment in life.

What is better than an online website that provides both courses and job opportunities, of course, nothing. However, let me make it clear for you guys that the certificates that Udemy offers are not recognized by the employers. This is the only drawback of Udemy but it doesn’t affect those who want to learn something and not those who are simply chasing certificates. It’s your choice what you not for yourself, learning in the true sense or just a certificate with your name.


Digiskills is another online learning platform after Udemy that can be trusted the most. As the very name of the platform suggested, it focuses on providing courses that deal with the digital skills. In Pakistan, it is hailed as the top online platform for the learning of the digital courses.

It offers quality courses along with comfortable work from home environment. Digiskills has been providing online courses to hundreds of students and jobholders. It provides people an environment that is richly professional and focuses on the learning process rather than merely for the certificate. It offers the most reliable and digital freelancing environment within the country. Digiskills has various courses concerning

  • SEO
  • Freelancing
  • E-Commerce
  • Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Literacy
  • QuickBooks
  • AutoCAD
  • Word press
  • Graphics Design
  • Creative Writing


After Udemy and Digiskills, Coursera provides an ultimate solution to the people who are interested in virtual education. It is a great online learning website just like Udemy that deals in online courses for both students and employees who wither want to study new courses or just want to upgrade their skills.

It provides a list of courses for free. These courses are concerning different subjects including sciences, marketing, businesses, engineering, medical, and many others. Unlike other online websites, it is free of scams, so, you can easily rely upon Coursera for your digital learning skills and newer and newer courses in the digital world.

It is providing more than 2000 courses to a population of more than 25 million. So, you can easily see its reliability and why people keep on choosing Coursera for the online learning process.

Just like Udemy, Coursera is also offering certificates that are not recognized. However, the amount of these certificates is very low. Most of the certificates are recognized.


An online learning platform that is better known for its credibility and a list of thousands of courses to the people of Pakistan. At Skillshare you can access more than 2000 virtual courses. It is also providing multiple tools for career-oriented people.

It has arranged a fully experienced and professional staff who are experts in their respective fields. They provide different business hacks and career choices to the students. At this online platform, you can get access to more than 100 courses.  These courses are being taught under professional leadership.

The only drawback of this online learning website is that there are no certificates available here.


So, these were some of the best online learning websites in Pakistan that offer quality education to the students as well as the job holders who want to upgrade their skills or interested in getting newer talents and skills.


Online Learning Websites in Pakistan
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Online Learning Websites in Pakistan
Digital world has actually made our lives quite easier. Read more details of Online Learning Websites in Pakistan here in this article.
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