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Higher Education Commission of Pakistan – HEC


Higher education commission of Pakistan is responsible for higher education in Pakistan. HEC manages the degrees’ verification, quality checks for different universities and also the management of funds for the higher education in Pakistan. Accrediting the colleges and universities for higher education is another major role for this autonomous organization. The hec address will also be given in this article.

HEC has mentioned some of the vital services for the students and teachers as well. Everyone can study the details on different topics on hec website. Here you will find some famous and necessary links.

  1. HEC services for the teachers
  2. HEC services for the students
  3. HE services for faculty
  4. HEC services for universities

HEC also arranges scholarships programs for the students of Pakistan. You can categorize these programs, for example, national scholarships or foreign scholarships. The requirements to attain the scholarships are mentioned on hec official website.

Learning Opportunities Abroad:

Many universities offer foreign scholarships to the students in worldwide. Getting foreign education especially for the students of Pakistan is very important because here we have seen a trend where foreign qualified individuals get preferences in jobs and organizations.

But the issue is how to know the scholarships facilities? How to cater the eligibility criteria? These are the things which we can get from the higher education commission of Pakistan.

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HEC is aiming to help the students to meet the criteria for world’s top merit and they can get admission easily in the best universities in the world.

HEC university ranking 2020

Higher Education Commission (HEC) also provides the complete standard for the university rankings 2020 in Pakistan. It has set a multitude criterion for hec recognized universities ranking. Each university puts its maximum efforts to get the top rankings. Some of the latest universities rankings 2020 is given below.

  1. Quaid-i-Azam University
  2. University of the Punjab
  3. National University of Sciences and Technology
  4. University of Agriculture (Faisalabad)
  5. Aga Khan University
  6. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
  7. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  8. University of Karachi
  9. University of Health Sciences (Lahore)
  10. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Top 10 Universities

These are top 10 universities and let me tell you other universities are also doing great in education fields. One can study the previous results then it becomes easy to get the admission. Many universities are just doing heavy advertisements. We need to check out the complete history and all the fields of programs.

HEC Address:

For HEC address you can note it here if you want to visit it physically. Head Office, Sector H-9, East Service Road, Islamabad. Also note down the hec contact number and note the working hours for the main office as well.

Scholarships by HEC:

Last 10 years show that Pakistan is in top 10 countries of the world who won the most scholarships especially in Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program. It means the guidelines issued by HEC are really helpful for the students. For details about the active scholarships you can visit the website and bookmark it.

Some special services are also offered by higher education commission of Pakistan

HEC services for students

  1. Education Testing Council
  2. Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  3. English Language Teaching Reforms Project
  4. Faculty Exchange Program
  5. Finance Planning
  6. Grant Challenge Fund (GCF)
  7. Grant for Repair and Maintenance of Scientific Equipment
  8. Equivalence Degree Issuance
  9. Faculty Appointment Criteria
  10. Faculty Development Program for Pakistani Universities

HEC Punjab:

Punjab Higher Education commission government of Punjab or you can name it (PHEC) is trying to add value in education system. For the people of Punjab, it is an easy to option. Students from public and private sector universities can also get guidance from PHEC if they are living in Punjab.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC)

The statutory, independent and autonomous institute that regulates, oversees and accredits the higher institutions in Pakistan is the High Education Commission (HEC). First it was set up in 1947.

HEC headquarter

Initially, it is formed as UGC that is a short form of University Grants Commission. But in 2002, by the promulgation of the ordinance, its modern form came into being. At that time Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman was its chairman. Under his leadership, it gained its current form. Many additional reforms are granted to it by the constitution. HEC headquarter is in Islamabad. Its regional centers are present in different cities.

The current HEC chairman is Tariq Banuri who is the fourth chairman of HEC. HEC is not under the Ministry of Education rather it works under the prime minister directly.

Academic Certificates

The role of hec is quite wide. Yet, primarily, it is responsible to formulate the Higher Education policies and quality assurance according to the international levels. The accrediting academic certificates or degrees are provided by HEC.

New institutions are developed by HEC as well as uplifting of present institutions in Pakistan, is included in the activities of HEC.

Higher education system in Pakistan

The higher educational system in Pakistan is facilitated by HEC. HEC upgrades the universities and colleges that award degrees for higher learning. Research works, analysis study is also promoted and facilitated by HEC through different policies.

For several years, the Higher Education Commission is playing a vital role in making a knowledge and learning based economy here in Pakistan. Not only at local level but also for abroad education it gives a number of scholarships every year.

Its regional centers also contribute to the major purpose of HEC performing their own role. in this way, the HEC Punjab also gives several services to the universities, higher educational institutions, faculty members, thousand students and common people. HEC Punjab basically facilitates them to get higher education and opportunities for their batter future and above all for the higher knowledge standard of Pakistan.

So, Punjab HEC Punjab basically acts as a leading geographical site of Higher Education Commission in the development of learning standards. The current chairperson of Punjab HEC is Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid.

There are many public and private universities or institutes are operating in Pakistan. On the basis of data collection, analysis and other multitude standards of criteria HEC gives the professional rankings of Universities and higher education institutions in the country.

Besides, other sources like magazines, international standards and newspapers also provide the rankings. Quality assurance, teaching quality, finance and facilities, research study, community development programs, number of students and many other factors contribute in HEC Recognized Universities Ranking.

HEC Recognized Universities Ranking in 2015

According to HEC Recognized Universities Ranking in 2015, the top one is the Quaid-e-Azam University. The second one is the University of Punjab. Then National University of Sciences and Technology is on third number.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Agha Khan University, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University of Karachi, University of Health Sciences Lahore, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences comes in a descending order respectively. This is a general analysis.

There is also a specific ranking of the universities specified for different disciplines like agriculture universities, medical universities and business universities etc. by HEC Recognized Universities Ranking.

HEC university ranking 2020

Similarly, according to HEC university ranking of 2019 and HEC university ranking 2020 of top ten universities in general category is as follows:

Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad; COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad; University of the Punjab Lahore; University of Karachi, Karachi; University of Peshawar Peshawar; Iqra University Karachi; Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) Lahore; Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan; Government College University Faisalabad; Government College University Lahore. There is also a category wise HEC university ranking 2020.

HEC call centers

HEC call centers are there for helping the people. For any query including your complaints, degree attestaions, equivalence certificates for national and foreign degrees, deeni asnad equivalence letters, faculty development programs, overseas scholarships, careers, jobs and many other matters you can contact HEC call center.

There is a complete contact detail available on HEC official sites. On HEC contact number you can ask anything bothering about your above mentioned problems. Also in many other difficulties that you find only HEC can remove, you should call on HEC contact number.

HEC Contact Number

The contact number of HEC head office in Islamabad is: 051-9040 0000. Similarly, for registering your complaint or for any query, there are also particular HEC regional contact numbers available on net or on their official websites.

HEC Address

Your correspondence needs an official HEC address. The address of head office is ‘Service Road East, Sector H-9, Islamabad’. The HEC address of other regional centers can be obtained from their official websites.

It is also important to note that only HEC recognized Universities offer a valid degree of qualification. HEC performs a core function to facilitate the higher learning institutes to be the platform for the socio-economic growth of Pakistan.

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