Important advice for parents to grow their kids


How to be respected and impose one’s authority without causing conflict? Your attitude, your way of addressing your children, your ability to put yourself in their place, to understand their needs and their vision of the world, are crucial. We take stock.

Be careful in your anger:

Between anger, capriciousness or rivalry between children, we often do not know where to turn. You often feel like you’re not controlling anything anymore. Rest assured, nothing is irreversible. You can still rectify by adopting some principles that will certainly make your family life a little more harmonious.

Teach him with calmness

Your child is fast, capricious, grumpy and you cannot ruin the game. Let him enter your bubble of serenity. Light a candle, sit facing each other, put the candle between the two of you and let him talk for as long as possible about his experience.

Take notice of the meeting:

What happened? What did he feel? Is he angry? Sad? How can we fix things? An intelligent father can tell his child that he, too, has experienced this kind of difficulty.

Explain that these are normal life experiences. Tell him shouting or screaming are never the best ways to solve problems as violence always leads to disasters. If his habits are problematic, do not blame him, help him.

To calm the anxiety of your toddler, take him in most of the evenings at your spare hour. Sit down, in the room, ask him to sit on the bed, and you next to him. Teach him to relax. Ask him to relax his whole body (“Make yourself soft as a deflated balloon”), then close your eyes, inhale gently and have a deep look on your kid.

It’s about teaching him to release all the tension in his body and calm down by breathing. Explain to him that at the same age you had the same nightmares and that fears pass with age, when one grows up. No need to feel worried for any issue.

The real problem happens when we are unable to find its solution. So, being a father it is very good tactics to encourage him to face problems with great patience. Ask him to equip himself with the power of education and knowledge. Proper education makes us enable to fight against those situations which we don’t expect. So, these tips would help a lot in grooming the child.

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