6 Factors to Consider Before Primary Education Admission 2023

6 Factors to Consider Before Primary Education Admission 2023


Primary education is the most vital stage of a student’s life. It comes in between the fun pre-school or kindergarten (KG) days and the stressful secondary classes. So, here comes the question of why this stage is the most important one in building a child’s knowledge, developing cognitive skills and nurturing all of their formal education needs.

What is Primary Education and Secondary Education?

Firstly, the stage that comes in teaching a child is homeschooling or pre-schools or nursery classes. Secondly, the phase comes primary education which includes classes in grades 1 to grade 8. The beneficial features to consider while choosing a top-quality institute will be discussed later in this article.
And thirdly, the stage which comes after completing your primary education is secondary education. It includes grades 9 and 10 or O-levels.
Why is Primary Education Important in Building a Student’s Base?
The quality of education in Pakistan has been progressing upward to give every student a gateway to amazing prospects. But the most pivotal stage here is to get the top-quality learning and concept development of the basic subjects in the primary education years.

a. Provides Firm Foundation for Future Learning

When a student is moving forward to advanced courses and specialized learning, their foundation should be strong enough to let them understand the new concept more profoundly.

b. Enhance Cognition

What seems simple to our eyes will benefit a child’s brain development in countless ways. Therefore, during primary education years, a lot of cognitive learning courses and classes are taught which aids in a major boost of a child’s cognitive abilities.
One of the schools has a wide range of progressive learning opportunities as they provide project-based learning. This will help build teamwork and leadership skills in a student because every student has to be a part of a group and solve real-life problems in math, science and much more. Ultimately, all parents should choose an institute like this.

c. Basics of Subjects

The course subjects like English, Math, Science, Urdu, History, Pakistan Studies and others provide basic knowledge to a student. Whereas advanced subjects like robotics, coding, and computing should also be introduced at an early age for a better understanding of basic concepts. So, all parents must choose the best institutes for their early stage of education.

d. Teaches Diversity

When a student studies with diversity, they develop the skills of creativity and open-mindedness. Hence, primary education does not only teach about different race, culture, socio-economic classes religions but also offer a wealth of opportunities to be a better human. Teaching diversity ensures a non-racist, non-sexist and non-discriminatory adult for a better future for Pakistan.

6 Features of Primary Education Vital for Ideal Learning

While choosing a school for primary classes, there are some crucial points to consider which are mentioned in this article below:

1. Four C’s Learning

In the educational system of the 21st century, a variety of innovative skills should be built in every student with the aid of a proper educational framework. An institute should provide knowledge on aspects like global awareness, financial, economic, business, entrepreneurial, civil, health, and environment literacy.
Moreover, the institute should have all the tools to teach the 4 Cs to the students in the early stage of their studies. These include the following skills:
• Creativity
• Communication
• Critical Thinking
• Collaboration
So, parents should opt for a school that contains a synchronised teaching system. This will ensure the inclusion of all the beneficial skills in the curriculum for student’s primary education.

2. Comprehensive Classes

No matter if the child is a student of class 1 or 8, they should get the most exclusive curriculum from their institute. In today’s world, any shortcoming or lack in the syllabus can lead the child to forcefully step backwards in this competitive educational environment.
Thus, all parents should avoid schools that are all about talk but do not deliver results. Only choose schools offering the best educational courses.

3. Well-Qualified and Trained Faculty Members

As we have heard, a mother is the first teacher of a child in this world. Similarly, a teacher also has a lot of importance in a student’s life. Not only the teaching methodologies but also the mindset of a great mentor will transform the students into a better version of themselves.
Hence, a school that is opted for the student’s primary education should have well-qualified and well-trained teachers in their faculty. Additionally, the teaching methodologies should also be considered.

4. Focused Individualised Attention to Students

In the early stages of life, students are not confident enough to ask questions openly in classes with a large number of students. Moreover, the faculty members are also not able to give attention to the details of every student’s shortcomings.
Therefore, the student-to-teacher ratio should be low to ensure better and more focused learning.

5. Digital Educational Resources

In this digital world, everything is moving so fast and young minds are unable to cope with them all at once. So, look for an educational institute with multiple online educational resources like a study portal, online worksheets, and apps for both Android and Apple devices.
This will help the student get access to all the study material on all the subjects anytime.

6. Broad Exposure

Lastly, the institute should have better exposure for every student, and it should have many campuses for the convenience of students and parents, both. Commuting daily far away from home daily will consume a major time of the day of a student and it will also make them tired.
Thus, a school which provides standard education, a wide range of facilities and a lot of campuses would be an ideal choice for the primary education of a child.

Admission to Primary Education Classes 2023

The registrations have started in many top-notch institutes, so, every student’s parents should hurry and choose a quality option among them. One of the top-most schools has started taking online applications and also have  online admissions facility. So, apply for admissions in class 1 to 8, as 2023 enrolments are open now!

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