Is Robotics Education at the School Level Beneficial?

Is Robotics Education at the School Level Beneficial?

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Have you ever heard about robotics? If yes, then you should let your child know about it more as the scope of learning robotics has been soaring high in the past decade. Even if you have not read about robotics, you must have seen robots and how everybody talks about machines taking a human’s place. Well, it is not wrong because machines or robots have made our lives easier.  

Therefore, every student should have both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills on the modern topic of robotics. 

What is Robotics?

The study of robotics actually includes the design, construction, and use of machines, mainly robots to do the tasks traditionally done by human beings. The knowledge of robotics is applicable in many other fields such as: 

  1. Security 
  2. Space Exploration 
  3. Entertainment 
  4. Agriculture 
  5. Healthcare 
  6. Underwater Exploration 
  7. Food Preparation 
  8. Manufacturing 
  9. Customer Service 
  10. Military 
  11. Packaging  

In addition to that, if we talk on an academic level, the future of robotics education is very bright. Furthermore, read this article till the end to know all about studying robotics since school life. 

Benefits of Gaining Robotics Education in Early Ages

In the past decade, our educational system has learned about the importance of computers and how every child should know the basics and ways to operate and use them for their tasks. So, the subject of computers was added to the curriculum for every student.  

Likewise, Robotics is an evolving field, and it should be incorporated into the educational plan for every class in school life. 

1. Cognitive Development

Firstly, every parent or guardian should know the importance of cognitive development in the early ages of life. There is a reason why the student is taught about numbers, plus and minus, alphabets and shapes. It is to aid the development of the child’s brain to function better for their benefit.  

Thus, the intervention of the subject of robotics to the education from class 1 to the secondary classes is vital for the child to adjust and prosper in the fast-evolving world. 

2. Advanced Practical Learning Experience

In one of the schools in Pakistan, the students are not only taught the theory of robotics but from class 3 onwards, they teach robotics education practically. So, if you admit your child to a school like this, then he/she will grasp all the practical learning experiences needed to get all the basic knowledge of the vast field of robotics. 

3. Help the Student Better Understand STEAM Education

STEAM education is a modern concept of enabling the future of our country with better basic education. So, they will be able to compete in the national and international world with confidence. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, and the understanding of robotics education will help learn these subjects in a better way, too. 

4. Child Become Eager to Explore More

When a kid is shown some cartoon character, they tend to watch it more and they also want to know about it more. Just like this, at an early age, every child has a lot of curiosity and eagerness to learn about their interest. Therefore, if you introduce robotics to them, they will find it fascinating and would most probably like to study it more. 

5. Innovative 4 Cs Skill Development

In the 21st century, every student should know about the four Cs which are as below: 

  • Critical thinking 
  • Communication 
  • Creativity 
  • Collaboration 

By working on robotics projects assigned by the school, every student will be able to adapt these skills which will be useful in their upcoming years of life. 

6. Robotics Education with 21st Century Learning

Your children will not only learn about robots but also the latest concepts of computing, coding and other 21st-century concepts in a school offering robotics education. So, the education system will be all-rounded and as a result of all these interventions, our youth will be equipped with more advanced tools to tackle the upcoming challenges of life. 

7. Can Excel a BS Robotics Degree

Who do you think will have a better hold of robotics subjects while studying for a university degree majoring in robotics? A student who studied robotics from the early stages or one who did not know about it before entering university.  

The answer is simple, the student who had the early concepts will be able to get better insights and knowledge. So, if you want your child to have more gateways for the future, give them a chance to study at a school with an advanced and comprehensive curriculum. 

8. Great Future Prospects

With an understanding of robotics, your children will have a better chance in the job market as degrees related to technology are in high demand nowadays. And this demand for subjects like robotics will only increase in the coming years. 

Admission to a School with Robotics Education 2023

After reading about all the amazing benefits, you should enroll your children for modern robotics education experience in a school right now. There are many facilities available for admissions even in school in 2023. You can apply online, or you can visit the school campus for registration in nursery to matric classes. 


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