9th Class Math Notes - Absolute Guide for 2023 Board Exams

9th Class Math Notes – Absolute Guide for 2023 Board Exams


With 9th-class board exams set to begin in April this year, students are panicking. On top of it, students are finding it extremely difficult to access 9th-class math notes. But you need not worry as Prep by PGC has got your back! 

9th-Class Math Notes – Long Questions 

Prep By PGC offers you unlimited and unrestricted access to 9th-class math notes in form of long questions. The app contains long questions on every topic and chapter of 9th-class math. 

Plus, the app is completely free to use. So, you can access these notes as many times as you want. Thus, the app allows you to work more on concepts that you are weak at. It is pertinent here to mention that the 9th class syllabus is designed in such a way that you have to solve 3 long questions. The format remains the same for all boards such as BISE Lahore, BISE Multan, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Rawalpindi, and BISE Sahiwal among others. 

Long questions are a very important part of the existing syllabus and you can’t ignore them if you want to get full marks on the paper. 

9th-Class Math Notes – Short Questions

The existing paper pattern of all education boards in Punjab asks students to solve as many as 12 short questions. Just like long questions, Prep By PGC contains thousands of short questions on every topic and chapter of 9th-class mathematics. Thus, the app provides you access to ready-made 9th-class math notes that you can practice to get top marks in matric board exams. 

9th-Class Math Notes – Video Lectures 

For clearing concepts of a difficult subject like mathematics, you need unlimited access to video lectures. The luxury of online lectures gives you the opportunity to rewatch them as many times as possible – something that is not available in academies or coaching classes. You can re-watch these lectures to consolidate your concepts. 

Also, video lectures give you the luxury to study from the comfort of your home. It means the time that you spend commuting to and from the academy can be spent watching two or more lectures. 

Also, you can learn at times you feel more comfortable. When your mind is at complete peace, you learn the most and make the most out of any resource. 

9th-Class Math Notes Through Past Papers

When you have practiced all long questions and short questions and have watched all video lectures, open the past papers’ section and solve all of them. It will help you know how prepared you are for the board exams. 

Likewise, past papers let you understand the pattern of the board exams. You can identify the chapters and topics that continue to come in board exams and focus more on them. Likewise, you can also know how much you need to spend on each section of the exam and how much you will need to check your paper for possible mistakes and typos. 

It is pertinent here to mention that Prep By PGC has been brought to the students across Pakistan by the Punjab Group of Colleges – an institute that has become synonymous with educational excellence. You can gauge the quality of education that PGC imparts to its students by that its students secure a whopping 176 top positions in intermediate exams across boards in 2022 – most by any public or private college in Pakistan. 

The same education experts have made this app for matric students. The major objective behind creating this app is to provide access to quality education to every matric student across Pakistan. Because of the very same reason, PGC charges nothing for accessing all these resources. 

Therefore, if you want to access quality 9th-class math notes to top matric exams, look no further as Prep By PGC has got your back. You can get this app both on PlayStore and App Store

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