9 strategies to get Good Marks in MBA Degree

9 strategies to get Good Marks in MBA Degree


MBA degree in Pakistan has great scope especially for those who do not want to enter in science subjects.9 strategies to get Good Marks in MBA Degree The job ratio is a bit better if you hold an MBA Degree. Getting an A in every subject, is it possible? There is no impossible word, if we want and have a serious determination. How does it feel if every course you take gets a pretty good grade and gets a GPA (Grade Point Average) above 3.5 which is the standard grade for Student? obviously you would like to know strategies to get good marks in Master or in MBA degree?

Of course there is a sense of pride that surrounds you at seeing the results of your struggle in one semester right? We often assume that by frequently attending and doing every task given by a lecturer is enough to get above average grades and GPA. But don’t you want to get a much better value? There are few points which can increase the performance in fast way.

9 tips to get success in MBA degree is given below.

1. Have Constructive Intention:

Did you ever hear; a person’s results depend on his or her intentions? I hope you have observed it several times. Make a positive intention and try to be constructive. Because of good intentions, you will get good results. Have an intention that you want to get academic achievements in a good way. You want to beat all your class fellows. And you want to get exceptional marks. This thing will give you aid in achieving the highest marks in MBA degree.

Then also determine the target to be achieved for example for each semester to get a minimum grade above 3.5. After that cover your syllabus in such a way that you achieve 3.6, then 3.7, 3.8 and so on in each semester.

Make high targets in every semester, because this spurs you to improve yourself more and work harder.

2. Fix Study Schedule

From now on you must be smart to divide your time as best you can. The first step you can do, which can be handy is to keep your schedule concise. Keep your study schedule as per syllabus for a particular semester.

If you keep the time schedule messy then you will not be able to study your course in time. Time management for study and household works ensures success for any types of students. Either he or she is intelligent or not, fixing study schedule and implanting on it will be a signal to get perfect marks.

3. Be punctual in class

One of the factors you should give importance is make sure your full presence in class. Be there in time and try to attend each session. The lecturer will observe how often you follow the course. Obviously you would Never be among students who remain absent always. Although this has become a culture for some students who are somewhat naughty.

If your mentor realizes you are not serious student then in next lessons, you will not be given as much importance as you really deserve.

4. Do every task given by lecturers

If some day you are given an assignment by the lecturer, where the deadline for submission is next week, then you should immediately work on the assignment after returning from college. Because if you postpone it, maybe later you will forget to do it. It happens because of the many activities which are related to home or personal.

5. Develop a habit of reading

With a lot of reading, our knowledge horizon will also increase. Even if reading is not enough, all you need to do is understand the concept which is delivered by your lecturer. Once your concept is clear then you become able to give extra performance. Once you are able to understand your subject then you will explain each question comprehensively.

6. Also study Reference Sources

Many reference sources can be used as a source of learning. In today’s technological age, we always use the internet which is able to provide thousands and even millions of information with easy access. If we try to find references in support of our subjects or lectures, then it will give us maximum benefits in class and exams.

But if you frequently use the internet as your reference source, then you should be able to sort out which information is correct for you. And you should be competent enough to know which are free because the internet provides a lot of information that sometimes doesn’t suit your needs. You have to be very selective while depending on any information or data set.

The only place that can be a trusted for you is the library, because the library itself provides printed information sharing such as books, journals and others that can be your trusted reference material for learning or doing assignments. You should know this material is properly arranged and verified.

In these days we don’t bother to read a single book, we prefer to search anything on the internet. Ultimately, when we start search on net then we get involved in many useless activities.

7. Try to like your lecturers

When we like someone then we try to obey him or her. We always try to adopt qualities of those persons whom we personally like. In lectures sometimes we don’t like lecturers because they are considered as killers when they start teaching. Have you never experienced about it?

Because every human being has a different character, so does your lecturer. For example, you can ask about assignments that you don’t understand or you can offer sincere assistance to lecturers who look busy in arranging the assignments. You can discuss your issues with teachers because in this way you will gain more attention.

When you are in class you can approach your lecturer, you can ask questions that you don’t understand. Sometimes after explaining the question in front of the class will give extra to those students who don’t understand quickly.

But ask as many questions as your teacher can digest. Sometimes you start asking those queries which have no connection with the subject. In this way your mentor may find them irrelevant and take your habit as wastage of time.

Consequently, your class teacher will start ignoring you and your all questions. It will badly affect a student’s performance and final results. In this way your lecturer will start avoiding those questions as well which are important. So, try to maintain your positive image in front of class and teachers.

Try to understand the nature of your tutors first then put your own questions and confusion. Keep in mind the requirements of other class mates.

8. Try to lead your class:

When you take initiative it shows you have courage to move ahead. When you take initiatives it means you are all ready to face any situation. When you lead your whole class it shows you have managerial qualities. In MBA you are all time managing one or another thig. Either you manage team mates or you manage sales. So, leading someone is an indication that you are very practical and have full capacity to get a major role. It shows you deserve to be at high position as a responsible manager. So, when your tutors feel this capacity in you then they keep guiding you on different occasions.

9. Consult old papers of MBA

It is one of the important practice that a student can adopt. It will give an idea, how to prepare MBA exam? You will get number of questions which are almost similar as you see in final exams.

Best practicing material you can get by reviewing these sorts of solved papers. For example, you get past 5 years solved papers regarding any subject of MBA.

You try to solve all 5 years’ solved exam papers then it means you are likely to practice some questions which may be come in your final exam. If you try out all questions, then you are giving your 100% to prepare all those questions which may be included in your final MBA or semester exams.

Solving all questions in time, prepares a student to finish the paper in given time. Often we have seen poor time management during exam become s cause for poor performance.

So, it is good idea to take each pas paper very seriously. Take it as you are sitting in examination hall and you have short time but you are doing your paper with great pace. This will ensure good marks in MBA or any other major degree program in Pakistan.

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