AIlama Iqbal Open university (AIOU) is one the greatest and famous university not in the Pakistan but in whole of Asia. AiOU university was started in 1974 and its main purpose was to give quality education initially for the people of Islamabad. The main purpose was to give education facilities to those persons who cannot leave their homes and who are on jobs.

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Aiou Login:

You can say aiou login is providing the facility to students for the virtual dashboard. They can get the assignments, quiz and notifications if they have created the aiou student profile.

Allama Iqbal University uses online tools:

A research group from the University has implemented a cool methodology that uses technology to improve student performance. Through online tools, active learning and collaborative works are encouraged, which you can say is highly demanded aspect in the current labor market.

The system can be applied to various stages of education, starting from higher secondary education, or to improve the functioning of companies and institutions. Graduates from aiou are working on very high positions as well.

The most prominent purpose was to improve the teaching results. The professor of the marketing area of ​​the Department of Economics and Business Administration of allama iqbal open university, have introduced the latest syllabus which has full capacity to fulfil the market needs.

Allama iqbal open university address

The address for Allama Iqbal University is given below.Directorate of Students Advisory & Counselling Services, Gateway Block,Ground  Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad-44000. A huge building and campus is built there for students. The foreign faculty also visits it.

The students and especially the house wives get a chance to improve their education and easily they get higher education degrees. To carry out the research, students may use file sharing and storage platforms, including Dropbox or Google Drive, a synchronous media, in this case Skype, a WordPress blog, social networks or a forum through aiou university. This is also based on online software. In addition, students also get the opportunity to use a classroom with video camera relay systems, to make final presentations to the rest of their classmates remotely.

It’s a good sign that each student gets familiar to use the different social apps and working apps. AIOU has campuses in different parts of country. Students can get the admission information in aiou by email or direct call.

Allama iqbal open university phone number

Let us inform you about the allama iqbal open university phone number here. (051) 111-112-468. The staff is very cooperative. Many students who are not in Pakistan, they also get the information about the admission in this university. Because there are some reasons the first reason is, their previous education is normally completed in Pakistan but in foreign countries they do not get the equal acceptance.

The fee structure is also flexible. Students can choose the subjects as per their interests or demand. You will see

  1. aiou campus Lahore
  2. aiou campus Islamabad
  3. aiou campus sarghodha
  4. aiou campus Faisalabad
  5. aiou campus multan
  6. aiou campus Gujranwala

The main thing is without visiting the university or campus on daily basis you are allowed to study from your home. Intermediate students would also be able to get the required course.


Allama Iqbal Open University also known as AIOU is the first open university in Asia. This university is a unique institution in Pakistan due to its philosophy, system, outreach, functions, organization and overall structure. Its main campus in Islamabad and its vast network of regional centers spread across the country, even in remote areas serving its students throughout Pakistan and the Middle East.

Allama Iqbal open university Is a distance education institution, which provides multidisciplinary education in beginning-level to doctoral-level programs.

Its unique education system and the use of electronic media provided by correspondence help students to get education in their homes. The results of AIOU are also very appreciative and encouraging and the number of students is increasing day by day due to the facilities

provided by the University.

Apply for matriculation:

You can apply for Matriculation, SSC, Inter, BA, B.Ed., BCS, MCS, MBA, MIT, you can check the latest online 2019 results for all classes including technical courses.

You will have to click on the circle of your study then you will enter your roll number and will get your required result. It is, no doubt, an easy way to get your result. You can also ask any question related to your study and result.

AIOU Semester:

The students will be given the results in accordance with AIOU Results Fall and Spring session or AIOU Semester. Therefore, when it comes to getting results, feel free to visit the official site of the University.

After seeking or hearing the results, students look for the University Result Card. The result card is, in fact, a key to the journey of higher education. The students will be able to find the result card on the official website of AIOU. However, to keep yourself updated just stick with the university site when the result of the Allama Iqbal Open University will be announced.

Matric results from the AIOU are usually declared in two parts 9th and 10th class. The students are appeared for matric, two times in a year. So, Autumn and Spring session results are declared by the university (AIOU).

Inter exams are also conducted according to semester system by AIOU. FA results of AIOU are usually declared in August or September yet the actual date varies every year and according to semester.

2 years’ degree programs of graduation are also conducted by the AIOU. They are also semester based programs. The Spring and Autumn semesters are normally run by the University (AIOU).

Its final date of result declaration also varies. But the students are informed about it on the official website of AIOU. Similarly, for each discipline you can get its authentic result by the AIOU on particular dates and time period of the semester.

Distance learning is becoming needier because nowadays, students also try to do jobs along with their study.

Radio and TV Programs for AIOU:

In early age of AIOU people used to feel hesitation for this new system. Then they got familiar with the methodology that is being used here. Radio and tv programs also publish the content offered by Allama Iqbal Open University. PTV World broadcast almost 1-hour transmission for the lectures of AIOU. But it is not the sufficient time. There are many areas to discuss.

Admission in AIOU

Students want to learn about the scope of some special course. They want to know the procedure of admission in aiou.

They also want to know how to apply in aiou and how to get the degree from Allama Iqbal open university. Another important thing to note is some students want to go abroad and they also have queries in their minds.

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