Government College University Faisalabad is a name of well reputed institute in Faisalabad. A lot of contribution in the field of education has been performed by gcuf. GC university is offering different educational programs for the students. These educational courses are designed in such a way that they can meet all the national goals or requirements. There would be a number of industrial challenges and educational challenges.

The University offers a dynamic access to a range of topics or fields as well as in the development through its diverse academic courses. These programs are specially intended keeping in mind our important national goals, different educational challenges, and industry-academic needs.

GCU Faisalabad:

Gcuf fsd has introduced many programs especially for undergraduate and graduate programs. The students can enhance or grow the career by getting admissions in postgraduate diplomas. Academic departments have qualified faculty which is owned by GC university FSD. We being students can see the courses portal from gcuf official website. The equality level is not compromised at any stage.

Also one can have gcuf contact number easily and talk directly to the admission office. No one will stop you to ask any question which is in your mind. Gcuf student seems quite happy with the management of the university.

Gcu faisalabad address

Here you will find gcu Faisalabad address Government College University,
and Allama Iqbal Road, Faisalabad Pakistan

Gcu Faisalabad Official Phone number:

Information Center

Government college university

If you are a new student or you are planning to get admission in GCU then check out the following courses which are offered at the campus in Arts especially.

  1. Applied linguistics
  2. Education
  3. Applied psychology
  4. Law
  5. History

Similarly, you can see the fields of study like economics, engineering, life sciences and physical sciences. Private sector universities are not producing the valuable stuff for the market but the credibility of GC university Faisalabad is much encouraging.

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The vice chancellor for gcuf fsd is Dr, Shahid Kamal. He is quite famous in the field of education. Over 30 years’ practical experience he has in the field of statistics. He has managed the things in quite professional way. And he has received the education from UK. He is a PhD in biostatistics. Quite educated persons are in the management and every year the results for the university remains outstanding.

The English department is quite big and you can say there are almost 30 members. This department teaches the complete range of English language subjects. In fact, if we look at Pakistan then will see here the problem of low literacy rate. And that is big issue here because most of the people cannot write or speak English with perfection.

Head Master in GC university FSD:

The first head master of gcuf is Lala Jowala Das and the duration for him was 1897 to 1905.

Disciplines at GC University Faisalabad:

There are almost 27 disciplines in PhD. And the Master level has 39 disciplines. There is almost 700 teaching faculty members in the university. And 1000+ non-teaching staff working there.

Below we will mention International as well as national partners which collaborate with Government college university.

  1. Institute of Cardiology, Faisalabad
  2. Inter University Consortium for Social Sciences, Arats and Humanities Pakistan (IUCPSS) and American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS)
  3. Kastamonu University, Turkey
  4. New Mexican State University, USA
  5. Newcastle University, UK
  6. North Carolina State University, USA
  7. Al-Abbas Trust Layyah
  8. Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  9. Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Lahore

You will see almost 200 acres measurement for the new campus. There are some sub campuses as well. For example, Chiniot sub campus for BBA, BS Mathemetics, BS Commerce etc.

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