BS cyber security in Pakistan

BS cyber security in Pakistan


Before talking about BS cyber security in Pakistan let me tell you, why do we need cyber security experts in Pakistan? Why do we need to study Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security in Pakistani universities or colleges? What is cyber security in easy terminology? How can cyber security in Pakistan be beneficial for our economy and IT industry? These questions we will study today.

BS cyber security Degree in Pakistan

First we will define BS cyber security in Pakistan from employers’ point of view. Why do our IT firms need cyber security experts? Details of BS cyber security in Pakistan? Even in government organizations we need such technical experts. If a student has earned BS cyber security degree in Pakistan, then he or she can have bright future in such organizations.

Colleges or Universities for BS cyber security in Pakistan

Definitely, we will be reading about BS cyber security in Pakistan. And this degree has greater scope in next 5-10 years here. You are going to be selected in top tech firms in Pakistan.

You can work abroad as well if you get full grip over cyber security. This subject is so vast that needs hours of learning. Below we will mention a list of colleges and universities that are offering BS cyber security in Pakistan in Pakistan.

1. Air University in Islamabad is also offering BS cyber security in Pakistan

2. BS cyber security in Pakistan through National University Of Computer And Emerging Sciences

3. Khawaja Fareed University Of Engineering & Information Technology in Rahim Yar Khan giving students knowledge about BS cyber security in Pakistan

4. BS cyber security in Pakistan through Riphah International University (ISB)

5. Superior University is also conducting diploma on Bachelor of Science in cyber Security with almost Rs. 240,000/-

6. Institute of Southern Punjab is conducting classes for BS cyber security in Pakistan

7. means National Centre for Cyber Security is conducting degree programs for BS cyber security in Pakistan

Scope of Cyber Security in Pakistan

Now let’s talk about some easy definitions of cyber security and scope of cyber security education in Pakistan.

Many people still unknowingly expose themselves to easily avoidable cyber risks. What if universities taught us the basics of cybersecurity?

Let’s do a little test. Who among you has ever picked up an unknown USB device and connected it to their PC without blinking? Nobody judges you, but you are surely one of the people who are not aware of the risks they take by sowing their personal data on the Internet, by illegally downloading files, by multiplying connected objects or by responding to a simple e -mail.

In terms of cybersecurity, there is a real lack of knowledge throughout Pak society, People don’t realize the risks because it’s a world that seems virtual to us. However, the virtual world has an impact in real life. ”

And contrary to popular belief, any type of data is good to hack. Think your data isn’t interesting or unnecessary, so no one is going to bother you? Mistake. In some attacks, it is not your data itself that attracts attackers, but to block your activity, by stealing or locking your data.

Online learning gives students access to a wealth of information, and teachers use resources on the Internet to plan lessons, collaborate, and provide interactive personalized support.

“Parents are often reluctant because they feel that their children are too exposed to internet. However, I think that we should not seek to remove internet, but educate them to correctly use websites and portals.

Cyber-harassment is a serious Threat in Pakistan

Cyber-harassment is a serious political, educational and public health concern in Pakistan. We need young individuals who can cope with these issues and keep the general public safe. If you do not learn or earn degree in cybersecurity then who will safeguard the national interests and national online assets?

We need strong grip over this subject. If we want to compete international hackers then we need to do counter steps. An anti-hacker is a hacker first. That’s a famous

quote but it is quite true. If you don’t know what kinds of weapons online hackers are using then how can you defend your platforms? It means you need a thorough study program for example, bs cyber security in Pakistan.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is common because there is no face-to-face interaction with the victims, and can give the illusion that the perpetrator can remain anonymous. Likewise, the notion of distance inherent in cyberbullying may encourage young people to ignore its consequences and view it as more fun than harmful. As always, young people can be under significant social pressure to engage in bullying behavior.

Although smartphones and digital devices are often used for cyberbullying (as recently reported, children on average spend more than 3-5 hours a day on “smartphones and other gadgets”), school laptops and tablets can also be used.

Colleges also have security checks

As noted above, Google Chromebooks are particularly prevalent in schools, colleges, and other educational settings, although they are some famous types of devices that can be purchased by educational institutions and distributed. But we don’t have trend of reading. We don’t use IT devices to get extra knowledge. With wireless networks becoming the norm in schools, it’s easier than ever for cyberbullying perpetrators to get online and use school networks for malicious or harmful purposes.

Cybersecurity Awareness starts form home

But educating children about cybersecurity actually starts … at home! “Children must be educated from the moment they have access to the Internet. However, a young student has easier access to the Internet at home, so he or she must also be given proper knowledge. Just as you explain to your children not to talk to strangers on the street, you should teach them not to talk to a stranger on the Internet. What we learn in the real world also applies to the cyber world.

People don’t have any doubt how fragile we have become, how much everything we do online leaves traces over which we have no control, because our data is stored in other countries. And that can have an impact.

Explaining this to young internet users is important, as well as to parents, who are often years away from these issues. That’s why we insist students to earn BS cyber security in Pakistan so that they may spread security knowledge to their dear ones.

Without sinking into paranoia, you have to be sufficiently aware of these issues to be able to be an enlightened user, and not captive, of the cyber world.

URL Filtering needs to be addressed

The fight against cyber-harassment also has technological aspects. URL filtering has been used for years by colleges or universities to control websites accessible from institutional networks. This allows education authorities to establish secure IT policies, specifying which websites should be allowed, restricted or blocked access, and filtering out inappropriate language.

Filtering of internet applications

New techniques have made it possible to extend filtering to Internet applications as well as to websites. In short, now each student whether connected with IR degree or not, must have proper knowledge of cyber security. The government also has introduced some cyber laws which are of quite serious nature. You should know what kind of materials can be published online? Up to what extent we can utilize someone’s information?

So, BS cyber security in Pakistan will make you perfect and open up employment opportunities for you.

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BS cyber security in Pakistan
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BS cyber security in Pakistan
Before talking about BS cyber security in Pakistan let me tell you,why do we need cyber security experts in Pakistan? Why do we need to study?
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