Chemical engineering scope in Pakistan

Chemical Engineering Scope in Pakistan


Chemical engineering scope in Pakistan is not limited to the factories only. Rather multinational companies or regions require the services of chemical engineers.  Chemical engineering is such type of engineering that studies the processing of raw materials into more useful goods, which can be finished goods or semi-finished products. Chemical engineering is applied primarily in the design and maintenance of chemical processes, both on a small scale and on a large scale such as factories.

What are process engineers in Pakistan?

Chemical engineers whose works are connected with the design and maintenance of chemical processes on a factory scale are known as “process engineers.” In addition, chemical engineers are also involved in the research and development of chemical processes.

Role of a chemical engineer in Pakistan?

The following is an example that illustrates the role of a chemical engineer in a factory:

The typical work of a chemical engineering and a chemist can be illustrated by taking an example of the apple juice production process. A chemist will try to research methods of extracting apple juice. The simplest method that might be found is to cut the apple in half and then squeeze it. A more complicated method is to get the peel of an apple and then crush the apple to get the juice.

A company then instruct a chemical engineer to design an apple juice producing plant with a production capacity of several thousand tons of juice per year. The engineer will analyze the possible production processes and then evaluate the financial cost of every possible process.

Although the method of producing juice by squeezing is very simple, this process is not economical because it requires thousands of people to reach the production target. Therefore, another method will be chosen (possibly a stripping or crushing through machines method). From this example, it can be seen that the simplest production process on a laboratory scale is not necessarily the most economical method when we need large scale productions.

Chemical engineering scope in Pakistan is related with cost efficiency

Chemical engineering always emphasizes its work to produce economical processes. To achieve this goal, a chemical engineer can simplify or complicate the production process flow to obtain an economical process. In Pakistan we need to cut down the manufacturing costs then we will be able to have huge margins.

Chemical engineers deal with operating conditions

Apart from designing the flow of the production process, a chemical engineer can also produce economical processes by designing operating conditions. Some chemical reactions have higher reaction rates at higher operating temperatures. The ammonia production process is an example of high pressure utilization. In order to make the ammonia formation rate fast, the reaction is carried out in a high pressure reactor.

Modern Chemical Engineering concept in Pakistan

At present, chemical engineering is involved in the development process and the production process of very diverse products. These products include tech materials for space, automotive, biomedical products, electronics, environmental and military products. Examples of products produced are strong fibers, textile materials, adhesives, composite materials for vehicles, chemical materials used for implants, and medicines. After checking this now, we hope you get full idea about Chemical engineering scope in Pakistan.

The sciences that form the basis of chemical engineering may include:

  1. Mass
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. balance Energy balance
  4. Mass, energy, momentum transfer events
  5. Chemical reactions
  6. Thermochemical

There are also supporting sciences that are related with chemical engineering, including:


  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Science about material

Special Departments in Chemical Engineering

In addition to basic science of chemical engineering, there are also special applicable knowledge that need to be mastered by a chemical engineer, which may include

  • Chemical process control
  • Instrumentation Chemical process design
  • Handling of plant waste Chemical plant
  • safety procedures during chemical reactions
  • Economic evaluation of chemical plants
  • Project management for chemical experiments

The scope of chemical engineering is very broad, covering the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, to minerals. Fields closely related to chemical engineering will include bioprocess (or biochemistry), biomedical engineering, biomolecular engineering, chemistry and biotechnology.

In short, for better understating about Chemical engineering scope in Pakistan, we would like to describe some important objectives here.

  1. basic to advanced level knowledge of chemical engineering
  2. know how about Chemical Engineering Tools
  3. The insights about units and dimensional analysis, the preparation of dimensionless group equations, and the concepts of similarity in chemical reactions
  4. Concept of mass balance: batch, continuous, steady, unsteady
  5. knowledge about real time by-pass, recycle, purging
  6. Assembling of differential equations in mass equilibrium
  7. Preparation of heat balance, heat of phases change, heat of formation and reaction, combustion heat which is steady and unsteady

Explanation about humidity factors: simultaneous mass balance

As you can see the implementation of chemical engineering is covering multiple fields which are used in production of products.

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