MS in Data Science in Pakistan

MS in Data Science in Pakistan


Where are living in the modern era that is hailed as an era of Technology and information globally. Data Sciences is one of the most widely emerging academic disciplines across the country. Data Scientists are welcomed in all fields of life.

Being living in a world of technology, we are constantly in need of data. Just as the size of data increases with each passing year, organizations need experts who can store and analyze data in a better way. Data Sciences is all about managing and organizing data with the right information. In simple words, the art of extracting and maintaining data is the job of a data analyst.

MS Data Science in Pakistan

Scope of MS in Data Science in Pakistan is very high. A great number of students are seen participating in this academic discipline. Almost all brands, organizations, and companies need data analysts. Data analysts help in maintaining the productivity of any company while providing other advantages and profit rates.

Data analysts support and develop products that can better deal with the local audience and meet their needs successfully. If you are planning to join the field of data scientists then trust me this field is not going to disappoint you ever. There is a great scope of data science and data analyst across the globe. You can also enjoy the best career offers internationally. It is one of those rare career fields that are not going to end. Being living in a world of information and data, one is always in need of an expert who can maintain and process data in efficient ways.

MS in Data Science in Pakistan

In the coming years, you will experience a future ruled by data analysts. So, this article will help out those who are interested in joining data sciences while giving some best solutions to them.

Best universities offering MS Data Sciences

The team Talibilm has curated a list of the top 5 universities in Pakistan that offer the best programmes and facilities in MS Data Sciences.

  • Information Technology University, Lahore
  • University of Management and Technology, Lahore
  • The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
  • Riphah International University, Islamabad
  • Ziauddin University

Information Technology University

MS Data Sciences degree at the Information and Technology University encourages students in developing strong solutions to the problems that occur in the way of managing and maintaining data. It enables them to open up with more abilities and skills. Unlike other universities, it doesn’t stress on cramming notes or boring classroom lectures. Rather it focuses on practical training. Solving general classroom problems is not a bit deal for the students, their skills are tested when they have been assigned some complex and tough challenges. ITU was founded in 2012.

The curriculum at the Information and Technology University lays stress upon the modern world’s needs and what are the latest challenges and tasks coming underway. It encourages a strong learning process through fully experienced and professional staff. Teachers are always ready to help their students. Students have advised taking into account all the necessary information that can help them in the long run.

A data analyst can function through different fields related to industries, companies, social media, education, business, health, and entertainment. Moreover, ITU also focuses on training students in other fields related to MS data Sciences. These fields include big data analytics, computer vision, scientometrics, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and computer security.

University of Management and Technology

The University of Management and Technology is another leading university that offers MS Data Sciences programmes to the students. It has a School of Business and Economics that enables students to solve different challenges both nationally and internationally. The University of Management and Technology was established back in 1990.

In our country, the ratio of professional and fully-trained data scientists is very low. We need experts who can better manage Pakistan’s multi-dimensional economy while making it stable. For the purpose of attaining a stable economy, several companies and organizations are in need of data scientists who can record data and analyze it in more effective ways while calculating profitability, sustainability, and productivity.

At the University of Management and Technology (UMT), students are guided to

  • Manage data
  • Interpret the outcome
  • Understand and model the data
  • Business Communicate

The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is one of Pakistan’s best universities that provide a fully professional approach and services never experienced before. It is also known as FAST University that was established in 2000. It helps its students in managing tough tasks and to face challenges in the business world. Through different strategies, statistical, computational, and machine learning techniques, students are guided to process huge data and information.

As the name of the university suggested, it focuses on the emerging sciences that are widely taking place in the world. It exposes newer trends and technologies while leaving the rest of the universities behind. This is a nationally as well as internationally acclaimed university. The teaching staff at the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is always on its marks to help students in different real-world tasks.

The FAST University offers some of the best MS Data Sciences programmes to the students. So, in order to make your children equipped with modern technologies, one can rely upon the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences and trust me you won’t regret.

Riphah International University

Riphah International University is a private university that was established back in 2002. It is chartered by the government of Pakistan. It has introduced MS Data Sciences degree programmes to students all over the country. It aims at offering practical knowledge and training sessions are regularly held at this university.

Students are encouraged to understand data science challenges and are guided to solve complex data-related issues by themselves.

Ziauddin University

Ziauddin University was established in 1995 and it has been named after Ziauddin Ahmad who was a well-known educationist. Ziauddin University is ranked among Pakistan’s best medical universities. However, it has recently included a four-year undergraduate Data Sciences program in its curriculum.

Ziauddin University aims to produce highly professional data analysts who will be able to perform difficult tasks with the blink of an eye. Keeping in mind all the national as well as international trends and technologies, Ziauddin University can be your best choice for MS data Sciences.

Concluding Thoughts

So these were some of the best universities dealing with MS Data Sciences and providing a positive and professional approach towards modern technologies. Indeed, the best ones for your children.

MS in Data Science in Pakistan
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MS in Data Science in Pakistan
Scope of MS in Data Science in Pakistan is very high. A great number of students are seen participating in this academic discipline.
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