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The full form of PESCO is ‘Peshawar Electric Supply Company.’  As the very name suggested, it is located in Peshawar and is working to provide power distribution to the consumers. It provides electric power distribution to more than 2.6 million people across the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district.

They have arranged 132 and 66KV sub-transmission lines, sub-stations, and 11KV & 440V low tension lines with distribution transformers. PESCO highly takes care of the safety and trust of its customers and is striving hard to achieve its goals. Providing a full-line electric supply, PESCO has been witnessing a high increase in its customers. PESCO never compromises on its quality, ethics, and values.

Vision and Objectives of PESCO

PESCO has been maintaining its name and dignity with reliability, efficiency, and responsiveness. It has been an authentic public service organization for millions of consumers.

The vision of the PESCO revolves around the safety of their workers and the consumers as well. Safety is one factor that remains at the top of their priority list. This electricity company is striving hard to achieve its purposes through hard work and excellence. PESCO is giving its full potential and efforts to expand its business and bringing along some fresh and innovative ideas ahead. It focusses on strengthening both inside and outside relationships with the rest of the distributors.

PESCO highly takes care of the quality of the service through different regions across the province. IT promotes an easy and safe use of electricity among its consumers that is theft free. It regularly updates the consumers’ demands and tried to resolve them as soon as possible. It is striving for the improvement of professionalism among its workers.

PESCO Jobs 2020

For all those who are seeking jobs in the Peshawar Electric Supply Company, this article will provide you all the basic and necessary information regarding PESCO Jobs 2020. People across the country are trying hard to get a job in PESCO, though the process seems difficult, it is not impossible. PESCO is also offering jobs through its online portals. In order to maintain their efficiency and high quality, PESCO is looking forward to the skilled, adaptive, responsible, and flexible individuals who are ready to put their full potential in upgrading this company.

Experience in public dealing is very important if you aspire to enter into this field. People who know the art of handling other people and difficult situations can very easily go through their recruitment process.

Apart from the online portals of PESCO, the company also posted an advertisement in different newspapers. In these newspapers, who can see a list of vacancies available in the Peshawar Electric Supply Company. Meanwhile, their recruitment process is also available on internet sources. You can check before applying and get yourself benefitted from it.

Meeting customer’s expectations is not an easy task, but that’s what PESCO has been doing for ages. And perhaps this is the reason that now people are interested in getting a job in this department. The best way to seek a PESCO job is to simply visit its official website and you will come across numerous posts and vacancies through which you can apply within the due date. Some websites are also showing the latest PESCO jobs in their content. You can also connect to these online resources to get more information regarding PESCO Jobs 2020.

PESCO Jobs 2020
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PESCO Jobs 2020
Who are seeking jobs in the PESCO, this article will provide you all the basic and necessary information regarding PESCO Jobs 2020.
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