Level of education in Pakistan

Level of education in Pakistan


Level of Education in Pakistan always have been a crucial factor. We need to know how to improve the education index in Pakistan? That’s more important. In Pakistan you will see three different levels of education which are categorized in further 6 categories. For example, public education system, or private education system in Pakistan. Madrasah system in Pakistan is contributing an important role in education sector of Pakistan.

Private Sector of education has a high tendency in fee structure but the quality is also better if we compare with public sector education. several factors you will notice in public sector organizations which need improvements.

We will segregate these level of education into following 6 stages;

  1. Preschool level of education in Pakistan
  2. Primary level of education in Pakistan
  3. Middle level of education in Pakistan
  4. SSC education in Pakistan
  5. HSC education in Pakistan
  6. University level of education in Pakistan

These are some salient levels of education in Pakistan. However, there is another type of classification that we focus as per the syllabus. There is Punjab textbook board syllabus as well as American textbook course. If your kids want to study in English medium schools, then you would obviously try to get admission in O-Level or A-Level.

The level of education in schools where you see general government control is not really of high quality. The use of technology in public sector schools or institutes is quite limited. The faculty is not much trained.

We should also note down, to improve the level of education in Pakistan we need to redesign syllabus and the procedure of exams. Once our students get familiar with the use of technology then it will be easier for them to cope with latest educational techniques.

Whatever level we see in Pakistan, it will exist. The main thing is our students must not focus on getting passing marks only. Rather we should try to develop a research habits in them.

Change in education system means the current policies are not working properly. The objectives of education policies are not met successfully. That’s why we need to have revised policies.

In most of the schools especially in province of Punjab students normally study Punjab textbook board syllabus. Although this kind of syllabus is not the most helpful in gaining jobs in market but it will be helpful to pass the degree programs.

Vocational Education in Pakistan

Vocational training is managed by the Pakistani Technical Education as well as Vocational Training Authority. This system aims to re-engineer the procedure consistent with national goals, while increasing tutoring and exam specifications too.

Tertiary Education

About 8% of Pakistanis may have tertiary certification even though the federal government wants to boost this to 20% by the end of 2020. Entry to this program can be possible by a Pakistan Education higher secondary school certificate that gives access to bachelor degrees in professions for example architectural mastery, design, dental care, medicine, pharmacy as well as caregiving.

Our system of education teaches students how to pass the exam in given time frame. Rather we should ask the students to start exploring new concepts in education.

Education should have definite purposes. The defined objectives of education must support a country’s economy and GDP ratio. Education must enable the students to start the earning process fast. In short, people of Pakistan should feel relaxed whether they study in public or even in private institutions. They should have guarantee that after completing their course, they will not be keep searing for jobs. The pressure to find jobs even after degrees make the students double minded. That’s how each level of education in Pakistan should be in each province.

Level of Education in Pakistan
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Level of Education in Pakistan
Level of Education in Pakistan always have been a crucial factor. We need to know how to improve the education index in Pakistan?
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