What is Evaluation in Education

What is Evaluation in Education


Before discussing evaluation in education, let us first discuss what evaluation is and what the importance of evaluation in education is.

What is evaluation?

Evaluation is a judgment about a number, amount, or value. According to Wikipedia, Evaluation is,

“A systematic determination of a subject’s merit, worth and significance, using criteria governed by a set of standards.”

What is evaluation in Education

What is Evaluation in Education? Definition of evaluation in education in the light of different authors

Different philosophers in the world have given their definitions of evaluation. According to Hanna,

“The Process of gathering and interpreted evidence changes in the behavior of all students as they progress through school is called evaluation.”

Moreover, Muffat who is another famous author has explained evaluation in the following context,

“Evaluation is a continuous process and is concerned with the formal academic achievement of pupils. It is interpreted in the development of the individual in terms of desirable behavioral change in the relation of his feeling, thinking, and actions.”

Meanwhile, an anonymous author has defined evaluation in the following words,

“Evaluation is a process of judging the value of something by certain appraisal.”

Characteristics of evaluation in Education

Below are some of the characteristics of evaluation in education,

  • Continuous Process
  • Comprehensive
  • Child-Centered
  • Cooperative Process
  • Common Practice
  • Teaching Methods
  • Multiple Aspects

Continuous Process

Evaluation is a continuous process. In education, it is a teaching-learning process.


It is considered comprehensive.


Evaluation is one such process that emphasizes the improvement of the learning process. Rather than stressing on the teaching process, evaluation solely aims to provide a better environment for learning. So, in this way, it is child-centered.

Cooperative Process

Evaluation is not only associated with a certain group. It is a cooperative process that involves students, teachers, parents, and peer-groups.

Common Practice

When it comes to the mental and physical growth of a child, evaluation appears to be a common practice.

Teaching Methods

Evaluation is also the perfect or effectiveness of the teaching methods.

Multiple Aspects

The evaluation has multiple aspects. It deals with the both mental and physical well-being of the students.

Importance of evaluation in education

In education, evaluation carries great importance. It is very helpful in strengthening the teaching-learning method. In education, we can see what the role of evaluation is and how it has changed learning and teaching practices.

Below are some of the key points explaining the importance of evaluation in education!

  • Diagnostic
  • Remedial
  • Provides guidance
  • Helps in Classification
  • Clarifies the educational objectives
  • Helps in the improvement of the teaching and learning process

The educational objectives 

With an acceptable performance and keen sense of learning, every student can achieve the educational objectives. Evaluation is quite helpful in clarifying the educational objectives. The foremost object of education is to witness a positive change in the students’ minds and behavior. Educational objectives are also the goals of education that every student aspires to reach.


So, in any terms, evaluation serves key importance in education. It is very helpful in strengthening the teaching-learning method as I have mentioned above. The role of evaluation in education cannot be forsaken.

What is Evaluation in Education?
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What is Evaluation in Education?
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