20 B.Sc. Programs in Pakistan

Bachelor Courses Courses

Bachelor degree programs in Pakistan are taught in numerous universities of Pakistan. Bachelor degree enables the students to think, analyze and give proper solution for the problems of the organizations. Analytical skills, research skills, and productive thinking, these are the skills which are developed through the bachelor programs.

Here we will mention 20 B.Sc. Programs in Pakistan which are very popular and have big scope.

  1. Banking and Finance (Hons)
  2. clinical psychology
  3. computer science
  4. computer science
  5. Mechatronics Engineering, B.Sc.
  6. Biotechnology
  7. French
  8. Avionics Engineering, B.Sc.
  9. Economics, B.Sc.
  10. Industrial Engineering and Management, B.Sc.
  11. Electrical Engineering, B.Sc.
  12. Environmental Science, B.Sc.
  13. Chemical Engineering, B.Sc.
  14. Accounting and Finance (Honours), B.Sc.
  15. Mathematics, B.Sc.
  16. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, B.Sc.
  17. Computational Physics, B.Sc.
  18. Software Engineering, B.Sc.
  19. Botany, B.Sc.
  20. Industrial Design, B.Sc.

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