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What Can You Do With A BS Business Analytics Degree? Scope, Career and Concentration Options

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BS Business Analytics

Graduates in BS business analytics can work as business analysts or data scientists in a wide range of businesses and industries. To produce data models, insights, and strategic solutions in today’s big data environment, global corporations are increasingly in need of the capabilities of talented business analysts. Please continue reading to learn more about career options in business analytics and why it is a great major for a professional bachelor’s degree.  

Introduction to BS Business Analytics 

BS Business Analytics is a new addition to the world of business education. Around the world, there is a massive scope of education in commerce, business, data, and technology. Business Analytics is the combination of data, evaluation, and business. Companies require professionals who can evaluate data and make better decisions to attain the best business decisions.  

BS Business analytics is a four-year degree program opening doors to a career in addition to the further scope of education in high-demand skills.  

Learning Goals of BS Business Analytics 

It is an opportunity for people in Islamabad to complete a BS Business Analytics in Islamabad. The prestigious Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST) offers rich business analysis and evaluation degree program as BS Business Analytics. You can achieve the following goals after completing your degree from CUST.  

  1. To get and apply the cross-disciplined information and ability to apply basic knowledge of management, marketing, finance, human resources, and IT to solve complicated business challenges. 
  2. Build capacity to recognise, state, analyse, and draw supported judgments about complex business challenges. 
  3. To develop the capacity to curate solutions for challenging business issues or procedures that satisfy predetermined requirements while upholding company standards, IT operations, and cultural, sociological, and environmental aspects. 

However, if you want to pursue the BS Business Analytics in Lahore, University of Central Punjab (UCP) is the best option.

How good is BS Business Analytics? 

Business is evolving today. The traditional way of doing business with outcomes has been altered massively due to technological upgrades. The industry today depends upon data, technology, and competition. Today, companies require professionals who can curate profitability by evaluating data.  

Therefore, graduates with the skills to use data to solve difficult challenges, inform corporate strategy, and connect with stakeholders at all levels are in demand from multinational corporations. Studying business analytics will help you build the perfect blend of business and technical abilities, already in great demand by the potential employer.  

The skills you will develop after graduating in BS Business Analytics are understated.  

Skills you will gain from BS Business Analytics 

Under BS Business Analytics, you will gain the skill-set in high demand by employers nowadays. A few of the skills are available below.  

Technical Skills 

You will learn about technology and programming languages like Java and C++ so you can tackle business problems with a technical mindset. Additionally, you will get practice with various testing techniques and databases. Furthermore, the evaluation skills that will entail you to analyse big data will be at your fingertips.  

Communication Skills 

With BS Business Information, students will get well-developed communication skills. With presentation skills, in addition to business communication, you will be fully equipped with the skills to complete business meetings and professional dealing while working as a consultant or service provider to any business.  Effective communication is the tool that is vital for successful business dealing.  

Analytics Skills 

BS Business Analytics has a significant part of analysis and evaluation. You will learn to analyse big data with the help of tools and techniques. Business is data-driven these days; therefore, enrolling in such a rich program ensures a prosperous career.  

Tools are used by business analysts for data visualisation, reporting from business intelligence, analytics, and statistical analysis. You will gather and evaluate extensive data through quantitative analysis and use it to inform decision-making in many different business domains. Additionally, database maintenance and data modelling will fall within your control. 

Problem Solving Skills 

With analytical skills, the BS Business Analytics grows the problem-solving skills in students. With the help of problem-solving, the students can identify the market problems disclosed by data analysis. Therefore, big market problems are sorted with proper solution design and identification.  

Career Paths for BS Business Analytics 

With such gross skill development earned in BS Business Analytics, the students can choose a gratifying career with monetary and growth potential. These career paths are available to pursue while you do a BS Business Analytics in Islamabad or work locally or internationally.  

Students can enter professional life after completing their BS in Business Analytics. The possible career paths are as follows.  

  • Market Research Analyst 
  • Process Analyst 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Management Analyst 
  • Business Intelligence Analyst 
  • Data Analyst 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Data Engineer 
  • Quantitative Analyst 
  • Data Analytics Consultant 
  • Marketing Analyst 
  • Big Data Engineer 
  • Analytics Consultant 
  • Fraud Analyst 
  • Retail Sales Analyst 
  • Statistician 
  • Data Visualization Analyst 
  • Independent Consultant  

As an independent consultant, you can pursue your career in one of the following. This will be dependent upon the area of specialisation you take. For instance, doing BS Business Analytics in Islamabad from CUST will offer you the following electives.  

  • Operation Analytics 
  • Marketing Analytics 
  • People’s Analytics 
  • Financial Analytics 
  • Supply Chain Analytics 
  • Project Analytics 
  • Sports Analytics 
  • Healthcare Analytics 

All these careers are highly rewarding. Furthermore, the scope of BS Business Analytics is shown in the position options above. If the student gets decent work with a quality education, there is no looking back.   

Salary Concentrations after BS Business Analytics 

The current monthly remuneration for a business analyst in Pakistan is PKR 120,000, with an average pay of PKR 70,000. In addition, according to the US data, the annual pay is $71,178.  

Education Possibilities After BS Business Analytics 

After completing your BS Business Analytics, students can enter professional life. Otherwise, it is also possible if the student is looking for further study plans. The aspirants can do their Masters in Business from local and international universities.  

In addition to the education, BS Business Analytics scope is huge in terms of job perspectives, career development and handsome earnings with massive learning potential. A career with a thin room for career growth and development has an enormous chance of dying soon.  

Why Should You Go Studying Business Analytics with CUST 

CUST offers Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Analytics as BS Business Analytics in Islamabad. It will equip you to ace your career by providing you with the basic knowledge, practical skills, and academic credentials you will require to succeed as a business analytics professional. 

After doing the significant courses in artificial intelligence, business intelligence, business modelling, simulation, data mining, data structuring, data visualisation, machine learning, database management, and resource planning with finance, human resources will enrich students to ace careers in data, IT, and business with the help of tools and techniques. Above all, if you are a resident of Islamabad, therefore, It is your golden chance to get the latest education from the prestigious institution in your own capital of Pakistan.  

Admissions Open at CUST  

It is your chance to get a professional degree in business by investing four years of time, energy, and resources to a degree overlapping the data, technology, and evaluation tools to ace the future of business decisions. You can apply to study BS Business Analytics in Islamabad at CUST here.  

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