5 Steps for the Best job interview

5 Steps for the Best job interview


During a job interview you have to get out of the nervous blocks: preparation is everything. 5 Steps for the Best job interview If you know how to tackle the situation with confidence, then you can increase chances of employment in best job interview. Five essential steps for your best job interview are given below.

Step 1: Spreading Columns in CV

Take a look at your CV and make at least four columns on a separate sheet:

Responsibilities: What have I achieved? And what not?

Core qualities that you have deployed.

What did I learn?

Where did I get energy from?

Then you look at your resume and see where you need improvement. Now complete these columns per lane. You now have a nice portfolio of your work experience. What do you notice? Is there a red line in it? Remove any extra stop words and make it short but meaningful.

Note down the vacancy text for the job to which you are applying and fill in the columns. There is a good chance that you will need more information to complete the columns correctly.

In this way your expected employer may notice that you are very keen about this position and its not the old cv which you use at every office at time of interview.

Step 2: Why should you be given preference?

If you look at the completed columns, what are you most proud of? What distinguishes you from the other applicants? Think of projects, assignments, solved problems or compliments that you have ever received. Write it down for yourself.

Sometimes we ask our friends to prepare our CVs. As a result, we often don’t know what he or she has written and how to explain all at time of interview. Because you now see your own text in front of you, you have a good hold for your application.

These are your achievements. Do these achievements fit in with your new job? These examples are the basis for your answers to questions from the recruiter.

Step 3:  Answer this question: “Why should we hire you?”

The job of a recruiter is to investigate whether the characteristics of a job also match the characteristics of a candidate in the longer term.

After all, you want to be in the right place in that department. If you are able to clearly communicate your characteristics, knowledge and skills, then the conversation is much easier. Write a short essay for yourself in which you explain why your future employer must hire you. Name facts in a brief style. Do not write something which looks as an artificial thing.

Step 4: Do proper research

First, you can search on LinkedIn or on Google about the company and see what kind of skills are you required. Try to make a clear sketch about organization.

Also check profiles of already hired employees if they are on linkedin.com

Where do you think their strength lies?

Examine the company’s website. Do you see many photos of people or products? Are the contact details easy to find or does the company prefer to hide behind a form that you have to fill in?

These pro-active tips will familiarize you about company history. They will help you to give correct answers.

Step 5: Changes of Jobs

if you have switched many jobs in your portfolio then skip the ones of short time period and include only with longer duration. Also think proper reasons why have you left them after working there for many months or years? This will indicate your approach of loyalty. So be careful while mentioning jobs.

Employers want to hire loyal employees so this factor has much weight do not overlook it and present it in good way in the columns.

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