Government medical colleges in lahore

Government medical colleges in Lahore

Colleges in Lahore

All over the world, the students who are getting medical education pay a lot of money. The reason is that the medical profession provides the student a reliable, bright as well as respected career.

Medical Colleges in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are more than 114 medical colleges. Among these 114 medical colleges, 70 medical colleges are private and 44 medical colleges fall under government sector.

Under the guidelines of PMDC, entrance into the medical college is based on merit. Students’ overall results of HSC or inter level exam determines the eligibility to get admission in medical colleges. MDCAT is also mandatory to pass before entering into medical colleges of Pakistan.

Why should you join medical profession?

If you get into this profession you can protect the lives of many people and offer them a hope of a healthy and great life ahead.  Medical colleges are playing an essential role in Pakistan in producing the best doctors.

Top medical colleges

Some students feel nervous if they want to be enrolled in top medical colleges. The reason is, the criteria to pass MDCAT is not an easy thing. Each student must have clear concepts for all medical terms and areas before appearing in MDCAT. Generally, MCQs types are asked where the students need to attempt all questions in a given time period.

Medical study is an expensive program but still, a lot of students want to become a doctor. Fee structure varies as per the rules of each college. Some, important scholarship schemes are introduced by top medical colleges of Pakistan. You need to check which medical college is offering scholarship programs. PGC is one of them which has opened various types of scholarships.

In Pakistan, medical education is known as one of the prestigious education systems. All of the four Provinces of Pakistan have different medical schools, colleges and universities. In these Institutes, the quality of study depends on several factors. Criteria to get admission in government medical colleges is clearly mentioned on official sites.

Highly qualified teachers are hired who help students to make their concepts clear in medical science. The lecturers are working very hard to prepare their students to face the upcoming challenges in their lives.

The health profession has great impact in our society. Each day patients visit hospitals or clinics.  They hope to see a skilled and a proficient doctor. Because it’s a matter of life.

Here is the list of top government medical colleges in Lahore and also some private medical colleges where thousands of students get admission in each year. Whichever college you select kindly check the history and track record of that particular institute. You are not supposed to change the college once you get admission for your bachelor degree. Do not rely on the advertisement only rather see the results which these institutes have given to nation.

Top 30 Government & Private medical colleges in Lahore:

Here we are going to give you details about top medical colleges which are offering best quality education in Pakistan.

  1. Punjab Group of Colleges ( PGC)
  2. Fatima Jinnah Medical College for women, Lahore.
  3. Rahbar Medical and Dental College, Lahore.
  4. CMH Lahore Medical College.
  5. FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry.
  6. Akhtar Saeed Medical and Dental College.
  7. Al-Aleem Medical College.
  8. University of Health Sciences, Lahore.
  9. Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore.
  10. Central Park Medical College.
  11. Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore.
  12. King Edward Medical University, Lahore.
  13. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Medical College,
  14. Ameer-ud -din Medical College, Lahore.
  15. Army Medical College, Lahore.
  16. Lahore Sargodha Medical College.
  17. Lahore Dental Section.
  18. Avicenna Medical College.
  19. Lahore Medical and Dental College.
  20. UCMD, Lahore.
  21. Lahore College of physical therapy.
  22. Gulab Devi postgraduate Medical College.
  23. Continental Medical College, Lahore.
  24. Lahore College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  25. Rashid Latif Medical College.
  26. Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College.
  27. Shalamar Medical and Dental College.
  28. Azra Naheed Medical College.
  29. Sharif Medical and Dental College.
  30. Amir-ud-din Medical College

Why do we need more Government medical colleges in Lahore?

The reason is very simple. In government colleges, the fees or study expenses per year are relatively low. It is in the range of a common student that’s why if government focuses on establishing more and more medical colleges then the deficiency of qualified medical staff can be resolved.

Scope of Medical Study

The scope of medical study is very high and bright. Doctors can start their practice in numerous hospitals. Especially in remote areas of Pakistan, we need highly qualified doctors. In our villages people’s life is normally at risk. The first reason is they do not have proper medical or health hospitals. if some hospital you see there, then the sad fact is, a capable doctor is not available. Many mothers die every year during pregnancy in village sides or remote areas because they do not have proper health care system. The cannot consult their conditions with doctor at right time.

That’s why they see lot of complexities in child birth or they get expired during the delivery process. Lack of medicines as well as lack of qualified medical staff are main reasons behind this unpleasant situation.

After successfully completing the medical study in Pakistan, doctors have huge scope in their professional career. They can join government or private sector hospital. They can even run private clinic in evening time.

Being a doctor is a privilege, but being a specialized doctor carries more weight. Their salaries are higher than a general doctor. Not only in Pakistan but in foreign countries as well there is a reasonable scope for doctors.

Medical study is divided into different categories. For example, it’s not true that after completing post graduate degree you will have to become a doctor only. Several other medical professions are always open for you to choose. Some of them will also be given below.

Choose best government medical college in Lahore

You can become a microbiologist or you can start your career as clinical research associate. Assistant professor in medical colleges or universities can be a good choice for intellectuals. So, be careful when choosing the one for you among all other government medical college in Lahore as it is going to have big impact on your whole career.

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