Scholarship for matric pass students 2020

Scholarship for matric pass students 2020


Scholarship for matric pass students 2020 is a question that is always discussed on multiple forums. On social media, we see talks about how to get scholarships after passing matric exam. The criteria to win scholarships for inter classes is quite feasible.

The only thing required at the student side is to know the list of universities or colleges that are offering Scholarship for matric pass students 2020. Here we will be discussing all the possible options that will make the process of attaining scholarship very easy.

PSF or you know very well about Pakistan Science Foundation is also offering scholarship grants for students. And approximately 10,000 Pakistani rupees each student can avail.

The amount can be spent on study expense, for example, a student can utilize the amount for paying academy or school fees, the amount can be utilized on books as well if a student is able to pay fees himself or herself. So, this scholarship is for matriculation students who have achieved great marks. Sometimes, you require 60 % marks in your matric exam, sometimes these scholarship bodies will consider you if the percentage of marks is like 75% or above.

100% scholarship for Matric Pass Students

A good news for the students looking for scholarships is, the chance to get 100% off on the tuition fee is not a dream anymore. You are all set to enjoy free education in top-rated colleges of Pakistan.

Are you excited about how to get 100% off on next year’s tuition fee? Are you not excited that you may study for the whole year at a cost of like 10 Rs. or less? Ten rupees fee in 2020, do you think is not less than a precious gift for you?

Obviously, you would be interested to know from where I can get these types of scholarship grants. So, dear students, we are not talking about the USA, or UK scholarship schemes 2020 rather we are talking about Scholarship for matric pass students 2020.

PGC Scholarship for matric pass students 2020:

Lets, end your confusion by telling you the scholarship name. it is none other than PGC Scholarships. Just type this query on Google and you will come to know the best grants for students of matric this group of colleges for several years. And if you are a student of Matric and you do not know who gets the top positions in inter exams every year then you are really behind in the world.

PGC is giving quality education at a very minimal cost. The students who have 75 % or 80% marks can expect to be accommodated in their inter-level study programs.

Some introduction to these scholarship programs is given below. You can check the official site for details or you can directly reach them by email or phone call.

Merit-based scholarships in 2020

Merit-based scholarships in 2020: These types of scholarship programs are meant for those students who meet the criteria that is set by respective college admission management. Normally, the students who apply in this category are those who always focus on getting the top 3 positions in their exams.

We observe a lot of times, in the examination hall, there are a couple of types which are most common. One class of students just wishes to get passing marks. Sometimes they know all about the question papers, but they do not want to give extra effort. Because their focus is to get the passing marks at any cost. These types of students always remain behind. Even in practical life, such students may find difficulties.

Because it is an age of competition, we need to learn how to compete with others. We need to cross the victory lines; we need to impress others with our abilities. We need recognition in our own circles. So, if we always choose an easy path then victory becomes rare.

While on the other hand, there is a class of students, who just keep 3 positions in their minds. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd nothing else, yup it is also a target of some students. We need to keep these shining students in front of us. PGC supports these students by giving them 100 % merit-based scholarships.

These students become a role model even for those students who are very lazy. The students who do not take the study life seriously may come on the right track when they see the respect and appreciation for such top position holders. That’s why PGC has a clear aim of keeping these intelligent students ahead.

Preference is for these position holders. Everyone can struggle to get the 100% off on next year’s tuition fee.

Need-Based Scholarship for matric pass students 2020:

As you have read above a couple of famous types of students. Now let’s, assume the 3rd type of students who keep an average mentality or marks. They have the courage and ability to do well in higher studies but often they are not able to continue their study programs.

These students deserve more attention. These types of grants are also offered at PGC. Similarly, you may look for sports-based scholarships. Normally we have observed that matric students are very good in extra curriculum activities or you can say in sports. If some student feels that sports may be the profession or career in future, then PGC will help you by giving you sports-based scholarship 2020.

Kinship and Orphan Based Scholarship for matric pass students 2020

Kinship based scholarship 2020 or orphan based scholarships are also available at Punjab Group of Colleges. If you have cleared the examination of Matric in Pakistan, and your father or mother is a teacher at PGC then you have again chances to apply for Teachers’ children scholarship 2020.

What is the possibility for students who want to get admission in F.A, F.Sc., I.Com, or I.Cs, etc? We are giving brief details about all the possible options which come under the category of Scholarship for matric pass students 2020.

Please note that if you have achieved high marks in your matric exam, then the chances of getting the scholarship amount is really fair. The intelligent students always get the preference either you talk about practical college life, real-life or you talk about the job market. So, having intelligence is a great blessing.

Even if you can pay all fees for your inter-level classes then still you can avail the scholarships based on your previous results. Mostly, need-based grants are not as much in quantity as we see grants for shining and talented students.

To have great performance in the exam does not require a student to be intelligent only. Several factors are behind the great performance in final exams. It could be social effects, it could be students’ behavior in classrooms, or it may be a result of the best teaching faculty.

So, as you can see these various types of scholarships by PGC must be appreciated. We don’t see other examples on behalf of any other college or university.

Dr. Abdul Qader Khan Scholarship for matric pass students 2020

Who does not know about DR A.Q khan and his services to the Pakistani nation? He gave us atomic power. We are more confident and secure in the world due to his contribution. He has a great mind and he did well in his specific field. He understands the needs of education for Pakistani students. He has introduced Scholarship for matric pass students 2020.

 At the moment this type of scholarship is available for Sindh and Balochistan students only. Especially, in Sindh side, there is much poverty. The interior Sindh needs more and more scholarship grants. The students who belong to these two regions and they have passed the matric examination can check the details from their official web portal.

Ajk Employee Welfare Fund Scholarship for matric pass students 2020

Indeed, Azad Jammu Kashmir is an important part of Pakistan. Kashmiris are playing key roles in the development or prosperity of Pakistan. But in this region, the industry is not much developed. The people living in AJK can avail this scholarship if they have passed their matriculation exams.

KPK Poor Students Scholarship for matric pass students 2020

KPK province needs to improve the literacy rate. But most of the people have not many resources to give education facilities for each of their kids. That’s why KPK’s poor students scholarship is a great initiative to help poor students.

Similarly, you will find Saeed Muhammad Scholarship for matric pass students 2020 for Balochistan students.

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