How can students or parents participate in school/ college life?


A high school or college committee is created to manage different tasks between students and teachers. Its main attributions would be

  • Representations of Students

To represent the students to the management and to committees formed respectively by teachers and parents. The main purpose is to get the highest results from the students. Because it is a main objective for any student.

  • Rights and Duties of Students

To inform students about their rights and duties within the school community, even though class delegates;

  • Board of education

To prepare the performance sheets for the local board of education and to organize cultural, social or sports activities;

  • to make proposals concerning the school life and the work of the pupils;
  • The director meets with the student committee whenever he requests it.
  • National Students Conference

The student committee is also a representative to the National Student Conference and the Education Council. Every year students’ conferences are organized to discuss their issues.

  • Parents are informed about all matters related to teaching in the school
  • to organize cultural and social activities and to formulate all the proposals concerning the organization.

In addition, each school has a board of education which is governed by senior teachers and school or college owners. They check where is the deficiency? What are the weakness at students’ sides? How to raise the standard of teaching and productivity?

The Education Council consists of many members for example:

  • the school principal
  • faculty committee delegates,
  • student committee delegates,
  • parents’ committee delegates

The board of education may include up to four representatives of local authorities, the economic, associative or cultural wing having relations with the school; they attend in an advisory capacity. The board of education is convened at least once a quarter by the director.

The education council is responsible:

  • to adopt the school charter;
  • to execute the educational strategies in the field of education and administrative organization. It also makes proposals thereon;
  • to adopt and follow the settlement project;
  • to analyze the institution’s draft budget and to agree on the distribution of the budget allocated to the institution;
  • to agree on the organization of weekly meetings;
  • to manage the internal and external evaluation reports of the school;
  • to organize the meetings and joint events of the school partners;
  • to stimulate and organize cultural activities;
  • to make proposals on all questions concerning school life and the organization of the school;

In case of disagreement from the director regarding any decision made by the board of education, the director and the other members of the board of education have one month to settle the dispute within the establishment.

So, that’s how school or college culture is formed. Everyone is remain connected. The students know what are the duties on their ends. The parents know what is the exact performance of their kids? What is the relation between school or college involvement’s in students’ life? How can parents co-ordinate with college management? So, such student body councils along with college administration are important for better education standard.

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