What are the scholarships for students from low-income families attending Higher education?


Each reputable college or university allocates a subsidy and portion of fee for the purchase of textbooks for students from low-income families attending Higher School Secondary education or graduate level study.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Any pupil attending a full-time class of secondary or high standard education can apply for scholarship programs if there is a genuine need. The college management verifies the details and background of the students who apply in the scholarship programs.

The student will be proposed as beneficiary of the subsidy on the basis of social criteria.

Award criteria for students:

The subsidy amount is based on a Social Index calculated on the basis of the household’s net income and the number of dependent children. College administration also asks about the persons who earn money either from jobs or business.

The government level scholarships are also there but the number of applicants are a lot that’s why it becomes difficult most of the times to win scholarship.

That’s why private colleges, schools and universities are considered for the purpose of gaining scholarship funds. The standard of government colleges is normally not good that’s why people like to get formal education in private colleges and universities.

Forms for scholarship:

The forms can be downloaded from the official sites of the respective college or universities. Or they can be received in person from the office. It is a benefit for the students so they must avail it. If they have talent smart minds, then they should come forward.

Another thing to note is, some students furnish fake documents to receive the scholarships. It is not a good practice because we cannot consider it a smart move. Rather in this way we are stealing the rights of other deserving students. We should know keep in mind, by cheating the whole system we cannot get the climax.

We need to pay the full fee if we have capacity to meet our educational expenses and let the deserving students come forward.

Deadline for submission the scholarship forms:

The deadline for the submission of the files is fixed by the college or university that the student wants to attend.

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