How to select proper field of study for your career?

How to select proper field of study for your career?


After completion of secondary school education, a student must analyze the subjects in which he or she takes interest. How to select proper field of study for your career? The interest should be based not only on personal liking but it should have matching with the future goals and scope. If the subjects or field of study cannot make sure the economic and social prosperity, then it cannot be adopted.

Decide your career

You know yourself better, the next thing you need to think is to decide your college, career plan and profession that best suits your interests and abilities.

Yup, getting to know yourself is not enough to be successful in future. You also have to look for information as broad as possible about the “opportunities” that are out there.  So there should not be any confusion. Just think or ask “I am suitable for this work or not? Am I fit to study this specific course?’ Because you already recognize yourself and what opportunities best suit you?

Knowing yourself and realizing what is the need of market are both different things. When you know your capacity then you become able to adopt a final profession. Studying in good college or university is not the main thing but studying what you really deserve would create a difference.

In addition, the process of recognizing oneself is not a process that is done once in a lifetime. Recognizing yourself is a lifelong process, because you will increasingly recognize yourself when you are more exposed to information and have the opportunity to try various activities. The more exploration you do, the more you understand yourself.

You need to change mindset First

If we talk in terms of deciding the future, exploration is an important thing to do so because in this way you do not get wrong direction. This is why you need to have flexible mindset when planning your favorite college or career. The course you will choose at college is not a goal, but a constructive approach that you use to achieve your goals is more important.

Exploration Steps for Deciding the Future

Exploration is part of the process of recognizing oneself. Maybe some people still have the principle of ” go with the flow” regarding their future planning. They do not make proper planning for future. For the short term, maybe your plan will work out. However, in the long run, this will definitely make you uncomfortable. Why?

Because, in future we face many unexpected situations. And we should note that, it is a best practice to make plan A, B, C and D to remain away from big losses.

Following steps can be helpful while taking a decision about future profession. Proper field of study makes sure the success in professional field.

Find out which specialization and industry you want to pursue in the future?

It is a very powerful idea to look at the future scope of any course. The demand for degree in the next 5-10 years should be given importance. The scope means how many jobs can be available for that specific degree.

Broadly speaking, here you will find some major courses or professions where you can get registered.

  1. Agriculture sector
  2. Economics and Business sector
  3. Computer and technology sector
  4. Health department
  5. Culture and Language education
  6. Education field
  7. Engineering field
  8. Arts
  9. Mathematics and Natural sciences

These are some departments or professions which can be adopted. The choices are not limited but at least you should check the insights of industrial sector too.

What is the demand of industry in 2020? What kinds of technical experts they need? What would be the scope of business in 2020 and later? Our study teaches how to get a job with ease but there is a sad fact as well. How to conduct a business is not promoted with same spirit?

We have not huge resources so we should be given proper knowledge to start a business with less resources.

Psychological effects in choosing a career

Someone who is ready to work, usually has a sense of responsibility in himself/herself to earn. “At least that is the initial indicator, because he or she already feels to accept more responsibility that’s what we have observed many times.

In addition, such a person feels able to meet social demands. These types of persons have receptive approach and they easily make up their minds as per the demands of society.

If a person adopts an aggressive attitude or attacking mode, then various obstacles come in his or her way. If you remain calm and at defensive mood, then you have to consume less energy.

So, it is a better advice to think all possible pros and cons before entering into any profession. Look at the persons who are at top positions in departments where you have interest. Try to analyze their lifestyle and get a hint. Also look at the international level about the scope of your study course then you will be able to take a right decision.


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