How can we gain the competencies after fresh graduation?

How can we gain the competencies after fresh graduation?


How can we gain the competencies after fresh graduation? If we wish for a professional and competency in job market after graduation, we cannot take it easy. Let’s prepare competencies in our personality.

7 Competencies to Become a Great Fresh Graduate!

Is it your dream to lead a company or organization after the graduation? Perhaps one of the dreams of students after graduating from college is to work in a multinational company, get a good position, attractive salary, and easily adjust to the work environment.

Unfortunately, this condition is not followed by students’ knowledge and understanding of the things which he or she had studied in graduation.

A student wishes to achieve the career dreams. The first step to success in the world of jobs market is to understand the competencies that must be mastered well.

The following advices at platform is given to show seven competencies you must possess to become a great fresh graduate. Try mastering it so you can compete against other applicants and achieve your dreams after graduating from college.

1. Planning and organization of time after graduation

This is the ability to set a plan of actions for oneself and others in time by setting the strategies and making use of available resources. A fresh graduate must be able to manage time for herself or himself well. It includes he or she also has to start learning the process of managing priorities. The steps you must take to have this competency include time management, setting priorities, and productivity.

2. Taking Initiatives, dare to do more

Initiative means acting more than what is demanded by work or the environment and actively seeking to improve work results. Building responsibility for works to utilize your full powerful imagination needs to be there. It will make a fresh graduate able to provide superior work. Don’t hesitate to take responsibility for running a new project, be part of the solution, and find opportunities.

3. Commitment: Learn to balance the life

Commitment is the desire and ability to align personal needs with organizational priorities, targets, and needs. Learn immediately after graduation to balance personal and professional demands. It will make your professional career bright.

Develop a sense of belonging to the work and organization and do your best. However, don’t forget to live a balanced life between personal and professional life. Your social life needs your attention. If your family life get disturbed then a graduation degree is not going to give full productivity at your workplace.

4. The more collaboration, the broader the insight

No less important, work together with others to achieve common goals. Feel proud to be part of a team by showing equally effective performance, both as an individual and as part of a team.

Working together is not just being in a team but also realizing the role that must be carried out and carried out. You as a team mate should give a sense to others that without you the completed task could be impossible.

Understand the roles and tasks that you do, collaborate with various groups or individuals. The more you collaborate, the more knowledge and insights you will develop.

5. Have flexible attitude: open to change

Be prepared to deal with changing situations with different approaches. Be prepared to anticipate the conditions that occur to be able to achieve goals. As a fresh graduate, don’t focus solely on completing assignments. Try to be open with new things and accept challenges for bigger tasks.

Be open to change, add new skills, and be proactive in dealing with various situations.

6. Learn the art to make the other person understand

The ability to listen actively, expressing your own ideas is a sign of your personality’s success. And making it easier for the other person to capture the essence of the conversation in both verbally and writing is the clear sign of effective communication. As a fresh graduate, learning to be a good listener will open many opportunities to progress. You can save yourself from unexpected or approaching harms within and outside the organizations.

7. Try to build long-term relationships

Building relationships is related to the ability to develop mutual understanding with other individuals in a warm and long-term nature. It includes managing networks to achieve work goals or high productivity levels. A good network is an entry point for developing future careers.

Always build a positive attitude and personal branding, respect the good actions of others, and do not hesitate to do good for others. Your personal branding is a first and last door of your success in social and professional life.

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