Lahore Smog

Lahore becomes world’s most polluted city, again!


Students, patients especially those suffering from allergies or lungs diseases, and elderly people need to start taking extra care of themselves as smog has returned with Lahore and Karachi topping the worst air quality charts across the globe.

What makes Lahore’s case far worst than Karachi’s is the mixing of 35 million tonnes of straw stubble by farmers of neighboring India. These particles get mixed with smog and inflict serious health damage on the people falling into sensitive groups.

As per data compiled by AirVisual, the smog issue in Lahore will start getting better in the second half of October. The smog readings will go down to unhealthy for sensitive groups from exiting unhealthy for all. As far as today’s readings are concerned, Lahore’s air quality was hovering around 159 whereas Karachi’s was recorded at 154.

According to IQAir, unhealthy levels of pollution were recorded in both cities. Lahore’s air quality was at 159 and ranked the most populated city across the globe.

In the absence of concrete actions from concerned officials, people of Pakistan have taken it on themselves to fight back and address the issue. For instance, Punjab Group of Colleges – commonly known as PGC – has started the Plant Pakistan Plan initiative to lead the fightback against smog in Lahore and Pakistan.

On Tuesday, the city’s maximum temperature will remain between 35 degrees Celsius and 38 degrees Celsius. The humidity rate is at 70%.

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