Most demanding field in medical in Pakistan

Most demanding field in medical in Pakistan


In Pakistan, the very best career for both male and female students is definitely the medical occupation. Most demanding field in medical in Pakistan means you have intention to join medical profession in future. You may wish to become an M.B.B.S doctor. Similarly, BDS is indeed a degree with higher value.

Being a physician means that you’ll earn excellent respect and also keep in mind that not only regard but a solid livelihood as well because medication is indeed by far the most honored profession in Pakistan. Most Pakistani parents want their children to join medical fields. That’s why often we see the hardships which poor parents bear because they need to pay high costs for medical study.

It’s a wish of every parent to see their kids getting success in life. They work long hours to earn enough money which can support their kids in schools, colleges or at university levels.

Most demanding fields in medical in Pakistan

There are various sub areas in healthcare line such as DPT, BDS and MBBS PHARM-D, DVM etc.

Why MBBS is Most demanding field in medical in Pakistan?

Among all healthcare study options, MBBS is recognized as the most preferred degree system for students and equally good profession choice for women. Based on that if you get success for the merit of MBBS, then you are able to continue your medical journey, towards MBBS.

You’ve to show up your caliber or capacity in entrance test carried out by the specific province. MBBS is not as much difficult as we consider. If the institute has a credibility and experienced faculty then students would be able to pass this medical degree.

There are a lot of patients in almost each hospital whether it is in a city or hospital is present in village side. Sometimes, doctors need to spend more than 24 hours in hospital to serve the patients.

Female doctors may feel difficulty in serving the hospitals because they also need to manage their household works. Otherwise this profession is of full scope. You can serve humanity with your profession directly. Few professions in todays’ age we see which are directly related with human’s health or life.

Surgical treatment is a sub field when we talk about MBBS and it is not regarded as a perfect choice especially for females in Pakistan.  Several factors are considered in it.

Dentistry is another Most demanding field in medical in Pakistan

Becoming a dentist doctor is another great field when you talk about most demanding field in medical in Pakistan. Males and females can both have good career in it. And this degree is of 4 years. You need to spend 4 years in a college or university if you want to become a professional dentist in Pakistan. After completing it you can serve in government hospital as well as in private sector hospital.

After completing the BDS in Pakistan each student is required to do house job of at least 6 months. Then the degree requirements will be fulfilled. While on other side, if there is a student with MBBS degree he or she will be doing 12 months’ house job. It is also a compulsory requirement for MBBS students.

The main feature of this program is you do not need to do further specialization for BDS. Because you can start the practice immediately after this course. Timings to serve the patients are quite flexible. You do not need to be present at clinic or at hospital 24 hours. It means female students can think about this profession if time is important factor for them.

There would not be mandatory night or evening duty shifts for BDS. However, if you are interested to know more about most demanding fields in medical in Pakistan then you are at right platform.

  1. Students can have option to do Pharm. D program if they love to come in medical field in Pakistan
  2. Doctor of Physical Therapy would be a best profession if you are looking for good employment opportunities
  3. If you are interested in skin care profession, then become a skin care specialist. People are becoming more skin care conscious. Beauty care industry is a million-dollar business. Obviously, if you decide to join this profession then it would not be a bad decision.
  4. Nursing profession is in demand all over the world.
  5. Respiration Therapy is another great medical profession especially in Pakistan it has great scope for students who have no intention for MBBS
  6. Cardiac Perfusion would be considered best alternative for MBBS or BDS
  7. Nutrition Sciences lets the person to deal with human beings. Diet is important part of our life. If we take balanced diet, then we can be safe from countless diseases
  8. DVM (Sad fact is in our society people consider it A danger doctor, but in most of the cases we have observed that DVM doctors are earning more. If you clear MCAT then you are good to go with this DVM degree.

So, now we hope the question about most demanding field in medical in Pakistan would be very clear in your mind.


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