Muhammad medical college fee structure

Muhammad medical college fee structure


Muhammad medical college fee structure is no doubt an important question for all those students who are going to choose medial field for their career. Medical study in Pakistan is not a cheap field. However, it depends on the college or university where you have got admission for medical study.

Muhammad medical college fee structure

In this post we will update you about latest Muhammad medical college fee structure so that you can manage your all study expenses each year without any kind of extra burden. If you can afford high fee then its all ok because you do not bother about fee structure at all. And when you have tight budget then you always try to choose best medical college within your budget.

Before knowing about Muhammad medical college fee structure you should know why medical field is so much important? Medical colleges are a lot in number but we should select the best.

Latest Muhammad medical college fee structure

In this section we are going to narrate MMC fee structure which you can easily compare with other medical colleges.

  1. Fee per year of MBBS in Medicine would be around Rs. 576,00
  2. First year MBBS fee structure of Muhammad Medical college is approximately Rs. 678,000
  3. Muhammad medical college fee structure for 2ND year of MBBS is almost Rs. 676,000
  4. Admission fee for Muhammad Medical College at time of admission is about Rs. 60,000
  5. Hostel dues and library fee for Muhammad Medical College may vary like Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20,000
  6. Sports funds are around Rs. 3,500
  7. Muhammad medical college fee structure for 5th year of MBBS is also around Rupees 680,000

Which medical field would I choose?

The question of which medical field is best for you cannot be answered in the few words by anyone easily. However, you can use the following to help you make a decision:

Look at your expertise first. What is your own expertise, do you just want to secure admission at any cost or are you willing to try get admission in several colleges at same time? It means you have not selected the best college for you. You just want to test your luck. It should not be a good and recommended decision because all your future success depends heavily on type of college which you choose.

Are you interested in research departments?

If you want to involve yourself in research activities, then medical profession is just perfect for you. Which teaching methods are right for you? You should have some know-how about a college’s teaching and exam systems. Do you prefer traditional teaching, where the subject you learn is first taught to you and then you start to deepen and apply knowledge. Or do you find it more preferable to present a problem and have to look for possible solutions yourself?

Note that in some colleges you have the opportunity to attend more electives than what is required for the degree. In this case, your total number of credits may be increased.

Who can apply for Muhammad medical college?

If a student has passed intermediate exam with at least 60% marks, then Muhammad medical college can give you a warm welcome. You need to pass your inter part one and inter part 2 with minimum 60 % marks. Students of pre-medical group have fair chances to get admission there.

Which BISE is acceptable to get admission in Muhammad medical college?

Well, if you have passed 11th and 12th class from any Board of intermediate then you are good to apply in Mohammad Medical college. If a candidate is not living in Pakistan but he or she can apply for MMC. The reason is medical education in foreign countries is not cheap and a lot of heavy requirements they impose for Pakistani students.

A better choice for a number of students is always to get admission in top medical colleges of Pakistan. So, such Pakistani nationals but foreigners should have equivalent education if they are coming Pakistan for medical study.

If overall marks remain under 60% in inter results, then Muhammad medical college has very clear and strict regulation over it. Admission will not be given to such students; the reason is a high standard of education is maintained there. So, only passing marks are not required rather you should try to gain the best marks in your inter exam.

So, it is a best practice for foreign students that they should get migration certificate or visa clearance certificates before they get admission in Muhammad Medical college.

Admission fee submission at Muhammad Medical College

If you see your name in successful candidates who got medical admission in MMC then do not make delay in submitting fee. If you do not submit required fee within 48 hours of results announcement, then admission offer may be withdrawn. This is very sensitive point at Muhammad medical college at time of admission. So, keep a vigilant eye over this issue.

The decision which will be taken in such situations by MMC will be deemed final. A lot of students wait every year to get admission there. So, if you get a chance then do not take it easy.

Admission cell at Muhammad Medical College

Admission cell at Muhammad Medical college would give you complete guidance about admission tests, admission interviews and about successful candidates. You can always contact admission cell of MMC if you feel any kind of confusion about the process or fee submission process. Admission interview is also held there so you can get the opinion of admission department on its pattern.

MMCH (Muhammad Medical College Hospital)

It is a great opportunity for students who are studying at MMC that they can practice clinical methodologies at MMCH as well. They can get a lot of research reports through this hospital, This is a real time opportunity for them.

You have clearly seen Muhammad medical college fee structure and now the next thing is to submit fee either in installment or at full.

Discount/Scholarships at Muhammad medical college

The students who are needy or who can prove their excellent academic background can always get better fee structure. For example, there is a student who cannot afford even Rs. 100,000 per year then how can he or she can afford over Rs. 600,000 per year for MBBA degree. This is a serious thing which should be taken into account.

There are another additional charges which come in your way of degree for example, medical books and helping notes are quite costly nowadays. These things also add up total cost per year. Only Muhammad medical college fee structure does not matter rather you should need to have more than scheduled or fixed amount if you want to complete your medical degree. Apply for scholarships Muhammad Medical College and see if you can win it.

Muhammad medical college fee structure
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Muhammad medical college fee structure
Muhammad medical college fee structure is no doubt an important question for all those students who are going to choose medial field for their career.
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