Weekend PHD programs in Pakistan

Weekend PHD programs in Pakistan


Post graduate degree, PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is offered by many universities. It’s the degree of top academic level in every field. Many Pakistani universities offer PhD programs which enable the students to be posted at prestigious posts in country. In this post we are going to have details about weekend phd programs in Pakistan.

There are part-time PhD programs or weekend PhD programs in Pakistan which gained much popularity because of the flexibility in time schedule. The main objective of this program is to provide rigorous training to the researchers and preparing them research and publications. Generally, it requires 3 to 6 years for full time study of PhD program in Pakistan.

Many students or pro who are interested in academic fields, consulting, leadership, research or entrepreneurship can get advantage from weekend PhD programs.

Requirements for PhD Programs in Pakistan

Traditionally, candidates for PhD program in Pakistan prefer to research at campuses. But in recent years, some universities of Pakistan began to offer weekend PhD programs or part time PhD programs in Pakistan, entirely online by following the trend of using modern technologies. Basically, online communication tools bring together academic communities all around the world.

Weekend PhD Programs

These PhD programs include such type of teaching in which students can interface with faculty and others by using emails, instant messaging, video conferences, discussion forums, electronic forums, mail boards and many other forms of computer communication.

As for academic fee, it varies from one institution to other. But the plus point in weekend PhD programs is, students can save his/her expenses for transportation and residential costs. And it is also an excellent solution for those, who are employed but still want to continue their studies.

Universities offering weekend PhD Programs in Pakistan

About 41 universities in Pakistan are offering PhD courses, including The Islamic University of Bahawalpur, The University of Science and Technology, The University of Malakand and many others. If you want to know best university for Weekend PhD Program in Pakistan then UCP is at top. offering weekend or part time PhD courses for Nursing, Educational Leadership and Nursing Informatics. These are all weekend PhD programs and there is blended learning.

These universities are interested in absorbing the best students and make an effort to provide excellent conditions: excellent supervisors who invest in their doctoral students, advanced research infrastructures and excellent scholarships.

An applicant can be accepted for research studies only on the recommendation of the academic unit in which the research will be conducted and with the approval of the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee and the Research Students Committee. It is a prestigious degree or education in Pakistan.

Postgraduate studies for doctoral degrees are intended for candidates who do not meet the admissions entity of the department in the thesis grade and / or course average, but can be accepted if a research student committee is convinced that the candidate can reach the level required by postgraduate studies. A committee of research students will discuss the admission of such a candidate in light of his achievements in the courses.

The goals of higher education remained as they were: training skilled people for the labor market and advanced academic research personnel, preserving culture, promoting social and national goals and training the next generation of teaching and research staff in the higher education system. On the other hand, the challenges of the higher education system have two challenges for the next decade: adapting universities to a lower growth rate than before and improving the academic quality of colleges while trying to reach a critical mass in each and every college.

Academic quality of higher education

HEC is of great importance to maintain the academic quality of higher education institutions, and suggested policies by establishing a professional body that would specialize in the quality assessment while aiding and abetting international assessment bodies and the knowledge accumulated in them.

PhD program in Pakistan opens up employments in number of ways. The research is a way which can generate a lot of productive projects within the economy of Pakistan. The competition in job market is increasing with rapid speed if you do not hold higher education then it can be difficult for you to have a prosperous future. So, choose the university and subjects in weekend PhD programs in Pakistan after proper consultation.

Weekend PHD programs in Pakistan
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Weekend PHD programs in Pakistan
Some universities of Pakistan began to offer weekend PhD programs or part time PhD programs in Pakistan, entirely online by following the trend of using modern technologies.
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