Study in Australia

Study in Australia


Australia is rich in natural resources and advanced technology is at boom there. Studying in Australia is not a cheap option especially for Pakistani students but it will pay a lot. Australia is an island continent and country located in the southern hemisphere between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Although the sixth largest country in the world by area, Australia has a population of only around 25 million. And study in Australia, will not be a dilemma for you after reading this post on

Study in Australia

The majority of the population lives along the south and east coast. Australia is a highly developed country with a fifth-highest income in the world per capita. Major industries focus on Australia’s abundant natural resources, including agriculture, horticulture, fishing, forestry, and minerals. Students after completing the graduation degree don’t find much difficulties in jobs placement.

Climate in Australia

Climate of each country differs from other. But main thing what opportunities are there being a student. So, in this post we will mention basic and vital features to study in Australia. Due to Australia’s large land mass, the climate varies widely in the country. The northern one-third of the country is in the tropics, while the rest has a temperate climate, with the coldest areas in the southeast and Tasmania. Seasons are the opposite of the northern hemisphere. Summer occurs from December to February, autumn from March to May, winter from June to August and spring from September to November.

Culture in Australia

Australia is a very safe, friendly and multi-cultural society that is one of the most diverse in the world. Almost a quarter of the population was born in another country.

Although Australian society is generally very casual, many workplaces and restaurants have dress codes. Australians love both sports and the arts, including film, literature, music, dance and theater. Museums and galleries abound in all major Australian cities.

Cost of living in Australia

The cost of living in Australia is comparable to the United States and the United Kingdom. Of course, you cannot compare cost of study in Australia with Pakistan. International students must demonstrate to migration authorities that they have enough money to cover the cost of living, tuition and costs during their stay. Students can work part time to earn money toward the cost of living. The annual average cost requirement in 2020 could be anywhere between $ 15000, to $30,000. Undergraduate programs cost is lower than master degree which normally remain $ 35000 approximately.

Higher education in Australia

Specialization courses university under bachelors at the bachelor level. At postgraduate level, graduate certificates and diplomas are offered in addition to the master’s and doctoral degrees. Masters courses are available in many disciplines, including social sciences, engineering, health sciences, business and economics. Masters courses usually involve research or courses, or a combination of both.

Why study in Australia?

In addition to Australia being a great place to live, Australian master’s degree programs are among the highest quality in the world. The Australian academic environment stimulates innovation, creativity and independent thinking.

Australia is committed to ensure international students have good experience in Australia. Institutions that allow international students must adhere to a strict set of requirements regarding marketing activities, of course delivery, facilities and services for students such as legal and health services.

Academic year in Australia

As a student your approach should be to start student visa process for Australia a at least 3-5 months before start of course. The academic year in Australia starts in early March and runs until the end of November. Most schools offer two semesters a year, but some schools use a trimester system and other schools offer summer courses from December to February.

Post-Graduate Opportunities in Australia

Post graduate students in Australia have much jobs chances. For example, check these:

  • Jobs chances in Australian Banks
  • Jobs in Australian Health companies
  • Jobs in Australian IT firms
  • Jobs in Australian Digital organizations

A master’s degree in every discipline from an Australian institution makes a graduate more valuable to employers worldwide. In addition, recent legislation was passed that allows international graduates from Australian institutions to apply for a post-study work visa that allows them to work in Australia. Obtain a maximum of four years after graduation.

However, although international students may be eligible to work in Australia after graduation, students should not undertake investigations in Australia for the sole purpose of migration. Australia offers preferential migration opportunities for individuals on a Skilled Occupations List, but the migration of skilled process is separate from the student visa process. There is no guarantee that a student studying for a master’s degree in Australia will be able to migrate to Australia.

After completing a master’s degree, students can also continue their studies if they are admitted to a doctoral program and obtain an additional student visa.

Visa Requirements for Australia

To obtain a student visa, students must be enrolled in a full-time course registered with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Students in a short course of less than 3 months can study on a visitor’s visa.

If you get student visa in Australia then you can avail, health facilities as well. However, only students with a student visa have access to Australian health care and part-time work. Students can apply for a student visa once they receive a letter of offer or electronic confirmation of enrollment.

Health insurance in Australia

We are from Pakistan and we don’t know how to take care of our health especially being students. We should have proper information like health insurance. If you plan to study in Australia then keep in mind, there is a legal system for health insurance.

A student must enjoy it and this is really worthy contribution. Australia has a special health insurance program for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Students must purchase OSHC before arriving in Australia and coverage must be maintained for the duration of the student’s stay on a student visa. OSHC covers medical or hospital care and partially involves prescribed medication and ambulances.

Emergency Treatments in Australia

These health insurance facilities are appreciated by parents because they come to know their kids are safe. Students can get emergency treatments in Australia if they are insured. A big advantage for a student who has a wish to study in Australia.

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