Things to know if you want to study in Germany

Things to know if you want to study in Germany


Germany has an old history for teaching and students’ exchange system. First Things to know if you want to study in Germany Many people already know that the cost of education in Germany is free for native Germans and international students who come to their country. However, it is not always the case of students who continue their studies there according to plan.

Getting education in Germany in German Language:

There are some facts that must be carefully considered if you decide to study in Germany such as adjustment with a new way of learning and language. So is the free education option can be your only driving force to study in Germany?

Students’ Accommodation:

Many international students choose to study in Germany because of the advantages offered, such as: students’ accommodation, high quality education, public transport and insurance benefits, and also increased opportunities in the global market.

Ratio of International Students in Germany:

Not only that, Germany is also the most popular non-English speaking country in the world. So it’s not surprising that 10-15% of the total students in Germany are international students. They limitations for students’ jobs are not a lot. So that’s another factor of attraction for the students who come in Germany for free education.

Access to Education comes in Human Rights

Human beings have many rights. One of them is elaborated here and the importance for it cannot be denied at any forum. The German government believes that access to education is a human right and this decision also provides economic and social benefits to the country.

For example, companies domiciled in eastern Germany are in need of specialist workers. They need workforce and we all know that the industry is growing. German society needs more educated people, as well as immigrants who qualify in many fields, for example, in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and generally in engineering. The IT field is always in boom if you go to any country.

Education Opportunity in Germany

With all the benefits, there must be an effort to avail the education opportunity in Germany. First, you need to be ready for a teaching system and new subjects cannot be underestimated. You are going to leave your own country so a receptive mental approach must be there.

Study in Germany

Beyond financial problems, the number of students who are unable to continue their education is very high. Take this matter with careful analysis before deciding to study in Germany. It would be a pity to drop out of college and return to the homeland.

2nd language hurdle in Germany:

Second, language is one of the big factors that affect many students who do not get much success in German education system. Getting German scholarship is not only way to be deemed as a successful student. One needs to fulfill all requirements which are introduced by German government for international students.

The availability of German language classes is often insufficient for the number of interested people who wish to participate. Although only for undergraduate level, students are required to be able to speak German, for everyday life the limitations in Germany are still considered to be difficult for international students to get higher study or socialize.

German language classes for Study in Germany

Universities in Germany have tried to increase the number of German language classes for international students as well as the support of international student counseling at each university. If you want to study in Germany, it is recommended to start learning the language so that it is not too difficult to adapt.

In reality, these things are not special for Germany only. In the end, to successfully study abroad, students must have mental endurance and a high willingness to adapt new environment.

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