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Virtual University of Pakistan is categorized now in federal government university. Ministry of information technology is keeping an eye on the management of university. Virtual university Ranking in hec 2020 can be achieved if it continues the working. Because at the moment VU is not listed in the “top 10 universities in Pakistan”.

The standard of education is very good especially for the persons who are able to enroll in the online classes only. The facility to study from home or office is not less than a blessing in literal meaning. The problem is we should seek the ways that promote the education at grass root level.

Virual University

Is Virtual University Approved by HEC?

Often this question is asked, by students did HEC recognize the status of Virtual university of Pakistan. Is there any affiliation of VU by HEC? Is VU authorized to issue the graduation degrees? So, these are important questions we normally hear from the students of Pakistan.

So, the status of this university if recognized by HEC and the date was May 28,2013. The special status was actually the title of W category. Basically, the W category is one of the highest category in the field of education.

Distance Learning Program

We heard a lot of rumors by some newspapers as well as students about the recognition status of Virtual University. However, after some days HEC reconfirmed that VU is the authentic resource to provide distance learning program.

Is a virtual university degree worth?

Virtual university is a university which come into the category of online education system university. Is there any worth for virtual university? We should keep in mind there is Allama Iqbal Open University as which hold top ranking whenever we talk about the worth of degree. However, the worth in the market for VU is lower than Allama Iqbal Open university. VU degree value still have many concerns but the overall rating is acceptable. As we see a lot of graduates are on good positions in the marketplace.

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VU degree value

It is quite suitable for the persons who are on job either they are working in government or private workplaces. However, if you are in the market and you are there to search for new job then you cannot compare VU degree with the degrees of LUMS, Quaid-e-Azam University or PGC. They have more worth in the market but to get a title of master degree we can say its very best option.

Virtual Universities Campuses

The students need less hassle to get higher education and they are not required to arrange thousands of dollars each year for graduation or post graduate qualification. One should know, everyone is not able to spend a lot in earlier career and through virtual universities campuses it is quite feasible for average students as well.

VU learning:

VU learning lets the users to explore a lot of informative stuff for daily use. Following areas can be covered through VU learning portal:

  • government jobs
  • NTS results
  • NTS Jobs
  • FPSc
  • PPSc
  • VU results
  • Vu past papaers
  • Vu quiz
  • Vu assignments
  • Vu solved papers etc

Virtual University Courses

So, a lot of virtual university courses would be there to help the students from the different cities of Pakistan. This is a great initiative by the government of Pakistan to grow the educational set ups. And we need a lot of universities in Pakistan. Because at this point, it is worth defending the need for big universities as one of the basic pillars that any modern society has for its progress.

Main Function of University

The main function of the university is to make teaching, research, creation and cultural development, integrate and empower themselves seeking to produce, simultaneously, higher education, scientific research and cultural development, all processed together in a common space, which allows the training of high-level personnel, thanks to the information provided to it, as a product of the intellectual creation of academic research, so demanded by a country that aspires to modernize.

Virtual University e-Rozgar Program

Virtual university also started the e-Rozgar set up and providing technical support to the people of Pakistan. They are having a purpose to produce a big quantity of freelancers in Pakistan.

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