What is role of business director?

What is role of business director?


The profession of a commercial director or commerce director assumes that a specialist has a whole range of specific responsibilities. He or she must inspect budgeting issues in target area, coordinate advertising and marketing strategies, oversee strategic planning of work in the company, and establishes contacts with suppliers. In this article you are going to learn about role or business or commercial director. You can read compete details of What is role of business director? here in this article.

What is role of business director?

You will also know the scope of commercial director jobs in Pakistan. And how can you understand features of this profession? How can you apply for position of commercial director? So, lets have a look.

Managing Logistics & Sales

It is a business director who determines the optimal channels of logistics and sales, and is also responsible for maximizing the revenue side of the budget. Very often, managers of this category are actively involved in the management of the company on an equal basis with shareholders.

Commercial director & CFO

The commercial/business/commerce director actively cooperates with the HR director if it is necessary to resolve issues with the organization of personnel training. If you need to establish a suitable pricing policy or optimize your sales strategy, then the CFO will come to his aid. The main responsibilities of the head of this category:

Formation and organization of the training process for employees (sellers).

  • Director searches for free niches for the organization’s products.
  • Developing forward-looking company strategies that ensures the efficient use of its resources.

Commerce directors also looks or checks the following:

Logistic issues: organization of warehouse storage, delivery of goods. The director is engaged in forecasting the future needs of the organization, planning them and developing thematic projects, looking for new suppliers of warehouse and transport services.

  1. Negotiates with important partners, coordinates work in this direction.
  2. Takes direct part in planning the organization’s budget.
  3. Coordinates all delivery issues, organizes smooth work with suppliers.
  4. Supervises sales managers.
  5. Responsible for marketing and promotion.
  6. Optimizes costs, reduces costs when needed.

In addition, the commercial director takes part in such specialized events: auctions, fairs, exhibitions. Furthermore, its function is to track the level of demand for a particular product. This specialist makes decisions on the feasibility of implementing specific advertising projects, branding, promotion programs. Members of this profession differ from other leaders in a wider range of responsibilities.

What range of rights does a commercial director has?

He or she has the right to propose amendments and rational proposals for improving the company’s activities for consideration by the higher authorities;

  • Business director can represent his company in government agencies and other third-party organizations;
  • Determine the range of duties of their subordinates
  • Takes part in the development of contracts, projects related to his field of activity.
  • Determines the range of duties of their subordinates;
  • Takes part in the development of contracts, projects related to his field of activity.

Pros and cons of the profession

Of course, this profession is considered one of the highly paid ones, which makes it very attractive for job seekers. Also, today there is a high demand for specialists of this profile category, which indicates the prospects of the profession.

Pros of the position:

  • prestige and respectability;
  • high wages

In addition, those people who work around them treat directors with great respect and even with a share of reverence. The disadvantages of the profession include the fact that it is impossible to get such a position immediately after graduation. You must first acquire some experience in this area. The following disadvantages are also noted

  • high level of responsibility and risks;
  • work in a tense atmosphere;
  • the work schedule is often irregular.

Specialists in this category spend colossal amounts of energy at work, and most often they do not have enough time for their personal lives.

Important qualities of business director

  • highly developed intuition;
  • leadership positions;
  • contact, sociability;
  • purposefulness;
  • permanent self-improvement;
  • analytical mindset;
  • the ability to find compromises;
  • resistance to stress;
  • having a sense of justice;
  • the ability to objectively assess the situation;
  • excellent memory;
  • the ability to convince oneself in the rightness;
  • a responsibility;
  • conflict management skills;
  • having your own opinion;
  • high level of concentration.

Career of business directors

Only graduates of specialized faculties who have experience in this area for at least three years can apply for the position of a commercial manager. Very often, such bosses subsequently become co-owners of companies or open their own business. Typically, new business ventures operate successfully, thanks to the acquired knowledge base and taking risks into account with prospects.

Professional knowledge level of business directors

  1. knowledge of foreign languages;
  2. high level of knowledge in the field of economics and management;
  3. knowledge about modern management methods;
  4. awareness of the main legislative and legal acts:
  5. knowledge of production facilities:
  6. the ability to draw up business plans;
  7. knowledge of the basics of asset management financial plan;
  8. the ability to organize labor processes.

A business director is a person who is engaged in operational control of the implementation of existing rules, ensures the implementation of internal orders; solves issues that cannot be resolved at the level of employees or other managers. This is the main function of the director administration.

How to define the functionality of the commercial commerce director of a company? What to write in the job description for a commercial director? What are his responsibilities? And what is beyond his/her competence? The answers to these questions may differ from company to company. There are three main factors that affect the responsibilities and powers of a commercial director:

  • Company size: the larger the company, the more strategic the CFO faces;
  • Clients of b2b or b2c company, the simpler the product and the sales process, the less the sales director deals with specific sales and the more involved in building the system and marketing;
  • Availability of production – the less the company creates itself and the more it is engaged in sales, the greater the functionality of the commercial director.

How powers are divided between directors

The following options are possible here:

Joint management. In this case, any decision must be approved by all managing directors. But this option is more, like the work of a collegial executive body. The absence of one director (for example, due to illness) can paralyze the work of the entire business.

Independent management. In this case, each of the leaders can make any decision to manage the company. But here is a great risk, that conflicts will arise due to inconsistency of positions. For example, one of the directors entered into a deal with certain restrictions, and the contract entered into by the second director violates the terms of the first deal.

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What is role of business director?
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