Current General Knowledge of Pakistan

Current General Knowledge of Pakistan


Coronavirus in Pakistan

Some crucial details about Current General Knowledge of Pakistan is no doubt the attack of coronavirus in Pakistan. Pakistan’s lockdown was lifted, whilst some new measures were introduced for observing social distancing. However, the state failed to impose an effective lockdown. Prime Minister, Imran Khan said on 15 May 202 that the country need to learn how to live together with this virus. He stated that the Pakistani government is ready to manage the escalating number of coronavirus patients.

The death toll due to Covid-19 on 16 May 2020, was about 847 people, whilst 39,473 patients were infected.

Prime Minister Appealed to Chief Secretaries to Reveal the Names of Smugglers

Imran Khan, the premier appealed to the chief secretaries of the provinces to compile lists of people who are involved in smuggling and submit it fast to ensure action is taken against such perpetrators.

He stated that prices increased instantly with the minimal rise of petroleum products, whilst there was no decline in the prices of commodities after the huge drop in the prices of petroleum products.

The following items will be covered in the action against smuggling:

  • Silver & gold
  • Foreign currency
  • Precious stones
  • Onions
  • Sugar
  • Sal
  • Pulses
  • Gur
  • Potatoes
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • All kinds of flour
  • Livestock
  • Maize
  • All kinds of chemical fertilizers
  • Edible oil
  • Therapeutic goods
  • Hydrogenated or else
  • Alternative medicine or drugs / medical devices
  • Biological or relevant products

Pakistan’s Poverty Rate & Deficit Soaring: Coronavirus According to Government Estimates

Some more important details about current general knowledge of Pakistan are given here. For this fiscal year the fiscal deficit of Pakistan will be substantially worse than what was actually projected. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic pushed millions of Pakistanis into poverty and unemployment.

The fiscal deficit after the pandemic, could reach 9.4% compared to 7.4% of an earlier projection.

On 8 May, during an interview, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, the Premier’s Adviser on Finance predicted an estimation of 9%.

Asad Umar Stated Pakistan’s Healthcare System Will Not Collapse Although Coronavirus Cases are on the rise

Asad Umar (Minister for Planning, Development & Special Initiatives), ushered a warning the coronavirus cases will continuously rise.

He assured the country that according to modelling & data there was no evidence that due to the rapid spreading of the virus, Pakistan’s healthcare system is in danger to collapse. He said Pakistan consulted with artificial intelligence specialists, pandemic experts & data scientists after which the government took decisions.

Minister Umar said that over 500 areas within Pakistan were identified as virus hotspots. Thus, action was taken to place these areas under quarantine. He added that great benefit was derived from it.

Government Contemplating Lockdown in Areas Where SOPs are Violated

With Covid-19 on the rise and subsequent reports of violations of SOPs (standard operating procedures) & guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus countrywide, the government took the decision to impose a stricter lockdown, at places where these violations are more blatant.

The Punjab government’s information minister stated that some shopping centers as well as markets located in Lahore, were closed after reports were received regarding violating SOPs, including not wearing face masks and social distancing.

The option to punish people or to impose fines was ruled out due to the fact that poor people will be mostly affected, especially daily wage earners.

Corruption Index Pakistan: Current General Knowledge of Pakistan

The former PML-N government, during 2013 to 2018, successfully curtailed corruption in Pakistan.

However, between 1999 to 2008, during Martial Law as well as the first couple of years of the PPP government, corruption increased on a dramatic scale.

Corruption started to increase in Pakistan after the governance of the PML-N with the effect that the perception of the corruption index deteriorated tot 120 during 2019.

The observation of the corruption index, through international transparency, is an estimation perception regarding the levels of corruption in the public sector.

Flight Operation and Some Financial Details: Current General Knowledge of Pakistan

  • On 16th May 202, Pakistan resumed some limited flight schedules
  • On 15th May the Pakistani State Bank has reduced its policy rate from 9% to 8%
  • Pakistan was granted major relief on 16th April, regarding its debt payments for the period of 1 year by various financial institutions which include the International Monetary Fund.
  • Currently the US dollar rate is $1 to Rs 160.2 in Pakistan
  • On 9th April, an amount of $3 million was pledged by Pakistan towards the SAARC Corona Relief-Fund.
  • On 15th May: Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited: The Index – 34,008.33; Change –  0.6%

Malik Riaz Hussain: Charged £190 million Fine by National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom

A real estate magnate, Malik Riaz Hussain was fined with £190 million (approximately 38.5 billion Pak rupees) by the NCA (United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency) on 3rd December 2019. This money is Pakistan’s property and will be refunded to Pakistan.

After the UK bank accounts of Riaz’s were investigated the settlement of £190 million was concluded.

According to expectations the Pakistani government will launch an in depth investigation into this issue, determining the earning and laundering of the money to the UK.

US Commission: Expressing its Concern Regarding the Arresting of Muslim Activists by India During Covid-19 Crisis: Current general knowledge of Pakistan

The USCIRF (US Commission for International Religious Freedom) expressed their concern on 14th May about reports of Muslim activists arrested by the Government of India. These activists protested during the Covid-19 crisis against India’s CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act)

A pregnant activist, Safoora Zargar’s arrest in Delhi was especially mentioned. Her arrest took place during February 2020 about the CAA.

These are just some of the current general knowledge of Pakistan which are headlining now.

Current General Knowledge of Pakistan
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Current General Knowledge of Pakistan
Some crucial details about current general knowledge of Pakistan is no doubt the attack of coronavirus in Pakistan
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