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Descriptive essay thesis is a most vocal and vibrant part of a project. Students need to explain everything related to their project in this part. You have a choice to pick any kind of topic related to your field to qualify your Masters, M. Phil or Ph.D. Degree program.


Your project must contain all the requirement of research work. The topic must be popular and there should be something to raise some questions. For example, a game like Volley Ball or Basketball have not too much to express and research. This limited topic could stop you in the middle as you cannot find much-related materials. Therefore, selection of topic can help you to be descriptive in your thesis.

A Descriptive essay thesis needs a good statement that is called a heart to your project. Although it is not an introduction still it can take the reader or panel towards the way you have defined to your thesis. In this section, you can give examples and textual references to prove your theory.

About writing a descriptive essay thesis you must consider further steps. The reader may consider your way of expression and not the characters and places. If you are telling about your dream vacation plan, be vigilant about the place you are discussing. You need to provide good tourism related guides, worth seeing places, and facilities that one can enjoy for a vacation. After this, you need to give your personal views or object of your thesis.

Descriptive Essay Thesis Tips

  • Describe why you are focusing this specific place? Write at least three sentences
  • Explain your position for topic selection
  • Review the statement before the final presentation
  • Add more references and details like “the pollution free environment with gentle whispers of fresh air when blowing through the pine trees” or “lush green garden with the chirps of birds and shower of colors in flower beds” or “crystal clear water of shores with blue sky and evening with native music around bonfire”.

Why do you need excellent academic writing Skills?

Writing skills are very necessary in the academic field. There are many types of texts that have their own criteria and characteristics. One important academic writing is a thesis. Then how can you write a professional and effective thesis?  Here are the tips.

How do you define a thesis statement?

A thesis statement is like a “map” of an essay. In an argumentative essay, the thesis statement is your main argument or purpose in writing the essay. The thesis is generally given at the end of the first paragraph of the document. Your topic may be modified as the writing moves along, which means you should also change the thesis statement to mirror what you really mentioned in the paper.

A strong thesis statement must be based on facts / data that is clearly stated.

What words should be avoided in Descriptive essay thesis?

  • Avoid vague words like “interesting,” “negative,” “exciting,” “unusual,” and “difficult.”
  • Avoid abstract words like “society,” “values,” or “culture.”

Keep the sequence in Descriptive Essay Thesis

At this stage, you must determine a good sequence for the object you are going to explain. For example, if you are describing an object, you must determine whether you want to describe the appearance from top to bottom or side to side.

Remember that it is important to start your essay at a general level and work your way to specifics. Start by outlining a simple five-paragraph essay with three main topics. Then you can expand this baseline. Next, you will begin to build a thesis statement and topic of experimental sentences for each main paragraph.

Descriptive essay thesis
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Descriptive essay thesis
Descriptive essay thesis is a most vocal and vibrant part of a project. Students need to explain everything related to their project in this part
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