Do smartphones or gadgets make the kids selfish

Do smartphones or gadgets make the kids selfish?


Do smartphones or gadgets make the kids selfish? Technology now has a very important role in everyday life. Starting from the use of smartphones, laptops, tabs, games, and various other forms of gadgets that can help us in carrying out a myriad of activities.

Smartphones in 2020-2021

One of the most frequently used gadgets is a smartphone. Apart from being practical when taken everywhere, a smartphone does have a variety of functions that can support all your activities.

Not only adults, children also have been familiar early on with the use of gadgets. Not only that, the introduction of gadgets in early age is also considered as a way for children to quickly understand technology.

Negative effects of gadgets:

But, behind all the conveniences that are obtained, it turns out there are also negative effects for children who are addicted to gadgets.

Before you give a gadget to children, maybe you can find out the negative effects of gadget addiction on children.

You can view the negative effects of gadget addiction below:

Reduced Participation in Activities

Gadgets make children less active outside of their homes. Today, gadgets are one of the things parents use to educate their children. The initial goal, of course, is that children understand that technology, can access a lot of useful information, and hone their creativity with a variety of gadget choices.

However, if you do it with the wrong approach and instead just make your kids addicted by letting them play gadgets all day, often the children sink into their own world.

If your kid spends more time with gadgets than people around him/her, it will interfere with the development of social interaction. In fact, playing football with friends, compiling puzzles with parents, debates, and other activities are very important for their growth and development.

The less amount of activities other than playing gadgets can reduce the level of children’s creativity, endurance, and slowing mind power. For this reason, it is very important to limit the use of gadgets.

Gadgets make children talk too late

Speech delay often occurs in children. One reason is the excessive use of gadgets. When children use gadgets such as smartphones or tabs, they will focus on what’s in their hands and forget the people around. When that happens, their social interactions will decrease slowly so that it adversely affects the development of their language and speech.

Using gadgets is of course allowed, but there are lots of fun activities for parents and children besides gadgets. Create such activities that can bring your relationship and your child closer. That will be very helpful in shaping good characters of kids.

 Exposed to Radiation Could Be Risky

Gadgets make children exposed to radiation and it can be risky for their health.

One negative effect exerted by excessive use of gadgets is exposure to radiation. Even adults can be easily exposed to radiation. Especially if those who use it are children. You can imagine how the gadget that you initially believed could help in educating children will actually have a negative effect on your child’s health. The eyesight gets weaker day by day.

How to reduce the potential for radiation exposure?

Make an agreement with the child about the time limit for using the gadget. Remember, if you have made it you must be firm so that this does not become a waste schedule. Then invite children to learn to play different games, so that the focus is not only on gadgets.

Gadgets make children addicted

Addicted to gadgets really like to make parents feel dizzy because it’s very difficult to let go of this habit. In addition, addictions to gadgets also affect the character of children. Children can be selfish, irritable, and difficult to ban.

Less social interaction

When their minds only focus on gadgets, they will forget their surroundings. They tend to be lazy to interact with others. While social interaction as a child is important. Because when interacting with children, they can learn to channel a variety of emotions. Children who are addicted to gadgets will prefer their own interests because they are not accustomed to sharing with others.

For that, before giving a gadget to children, you have to think thousands of times. Like, what is your goal in providing gadgets, why in this age, are there other activities that can replace gadgets? Try to answer these questions so you know what to do.

Make the gadgets use effective for kids and even for teenagers.

Do smartphones or gadgets make the kids selfish
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Do smartphones or gadgets make the kids selfish
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