E-learning scope in 2020

E-learning Scope in 2020


E-learning scope in 2020 and even in 2021 will be quite high. Of course there are many benefits to be gained from E-learning. This benefit is certainly useful for every individual and also for the employer. However, before we describe the benefits of e-learning, let’s look at how the definition of e-learning or online learning according to the following experts:

 E-learning by Darin E. Hartley (Hartley, 2001):

E-Learning or online learning is a type of teaching and learning that allows the delivery of teaching materials to students using the Internet, Intranet or other computer network media.

E Learning by Dong (in Kamarga, 2002):

Understanding E-learning or online learning according to Dong is E-Learning as an asynchronous learning activity through computer electronic devices that obtain learning material that suits their needs.

E-Learning by Jaya Kumar C. Koran (2002):

According to him, E-learning or online learning is as arbitrary teaching and learning that uses electronic circuits (LAN, WAN, or internet) to convey the contents of learning, interaction, or guidance.

Glossary of eLearning Terms (Glossary, 2001):

E-Learning or online learning is an education system that uses electronic applications to support teaching and learning with Internet media, computer networks, or standalone computers.

E-learning by Rosenberg (2001):

Rosenberg defines E-learning scope in 2020 in following words. E-learning or online learning refers to the use of internet technology to deliver a series of solutions that can enhance knowledge and skills.

E-learning scope in 2020 by (Michael, 2013):

E-learning or online learning is learning that is structured with the aim of using an electronic system or computer system so that it is able to support a learning process. These things will clearly define the e-learning scope in 2020.

 E-Learning by (Chandrawati, 2010):

E-learning or online learning is a distance learning process by combining the principles in the process of a learning with technology.

E-learning scope in 2020  by (Ardiansyah, 2013):

E-learning or online learning is a learning system that is meant teaching and learning process which is carried out without having face to face interaction directly between educators and students.

Learning without Limitations

E-learning or online learning can be interpreted as learning without the limitations of space and time. Nowadays, everyone is looking for a learning process that is oriented to their individual needs. With the busyness of each person, of course E-learning is the right choice for professionals because they can learn anywhere, and anytime only through electronics in their hands. They do not need to go at same place on daily basis to get knowledge.

Flexible Learning Style:

A very flexible E-learning learning culture is one of the benefits that can be seen clearly. Some people deliberately register themselves in E-learning with the aim to develop themselves as per international academic standard and career advancement.

What is E-learning advertisements or Mobile Learning?

Whereas some people accidentally find E-learning advertisements on their smartphones. So they also registered themselves. Currently e-learning is also famous due to use of mobile applications, which are called m-learning or mobile learning.

With this m-learning, employees can use course material through their mobile or mobile phones, without being restricted to desktops or laptops. They can easily access learning material from their homes.

What are Benefits of E-learning or Online Learning?

What are the benefits of E-learning or Online learning? These benefits will also help you to take decision about joining E-learning course or not.

E-learning is friendly to the environment

E-learning can reduce the amount of carbon footprint because you don’t need to print quizzes or other material. You can do everything online.  You don’t need to travel on daily basis.

Of course this is also a good strategy for the environment. E-learning reduces the use of carbon footprints by almost 90%. And you don’t need to waste energy on transportation, accommodation and equipment used in learning in the classroom. Is it not much more practical, right?

E-learning is a quickest way of learning

E-learning allows you to quickly create and communicate new policies, ideas, training and concepts. E-learning can be used for formal and informal learning atmosphere. E-learning is something that is very fast. E-learning helps us to keep up to date with the latest information.

You do not need to spend a lot of time and linger on something that is very important to learn in short time. You can skip the session that seems irrelevant and move to the next session. E-learning allows you to determine the path you want to choose.

E-learning helps during jobs

E-learning has a mixed learning process. This mixed learning process approach will give options to study in different styles. Some students want to repeat lectures and some students want to study with fast pace.

It also allows each task to be edited and updated whenever you want and need it. And this can help you when you want to apply for the desired job. You can combine each of your learning experiences into one group that will later be useful for your progress during job.

E-learning makes sure maximum exposure for teachers

E-learning enables educators to reach the maximum students. In a typical class we need to look the number of seats while in virtual environment you don’t have any limitations.

E-learning also ensures educators that the message delivered is always in a consistent way. This has an impact on people who learn equally. They receive training with the same capacity.

E-learning saves time and money

This is the benefit of E-learning that is known by many people. E-learning reduces the amount of work time, removes space obstacles and even eliminates the need for physical sitting in the classroom. Of course this will save money on transportation, photocopy of material and accommodation. You can have material anytime. And of course you have more time to learn it, because you don’t need to move from one place to another.

So, if we look at the E-learning scope in 2020   then we come to know in developing countries if people focus on online modules then they will learn IT skills with nominal cost. We need to make sure maximum sources for e-learning in Pakistan. Then we can expect high rate of development in our country.


E-learning scope in 2020
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E-learning scope in 2020
E-learning scope in 2020 and even in 2021 will be quite high. Of course there are many benefits to be gained from E-learning.
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