Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan

Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan


Introduction: Course Applicable to Become a Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan (OD)

To qualify as a Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan, you have to successfully complete a professional optometry course of 5 years. This course includes both clinical & practical optometry phases. It also involves the theoretical & fundamental elements of vision sciences.

The course is rolled out over 10 semesters which consists of professional courses, whilst it includes a research project.

What is an Optometrist?

The World Council of Optometry defines it as follows: “Optometry is a medical care occupation that is independent, well-informed and controlled (licensed/registered) as well as optometrists are the main healthcare professionals of the eye and vision program who supply extensive eye and eyesight care, which include refraction and shelling out, detection/diagnosis and control over illnesses in the eye and rehab of condition of the visual system”.

Orthoptics: A medical Definition

Orthoptics is defined as either the art or treatment of defective visual habits, especially those defects of the binocular vision & muscle imbalance such as strabismus by re-educating a patient’s visual habits, visual training as well as exercise. This is a foremost common disorder and physical disability worldwide, related to the eyes.

Multiple problems are experienced which vary from the minor kinds of infections escalating to major malfunctions. Some types of infections can actually be treated with ease at home by using natural herbal remedies.

However, such issues can get rather worse which should be treated by professional eye specialists. They assist to take proper care of a wide range of disorders related to vision, together with infections of the eyes.

After diagnosing an eye problem, the optometrist has to find a solution by recommending the proper contact lenses, spectacles, medicine or the appropriate surgery.

In addition to this, a doctor of optometry in Pakistan, can render his/her services performing vision therapy together with rehabilitating the disorder of an individual with poor vision.

Main Task of Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan

An optometrist’s key assignment is the examining of the eyes, whilst diagnosing the disorder.

Afterwards a proper diagnosis is done, an optometrist will provide optical basic care, whilst informing the patient of the required care prior as well as afterwards any surgical procedure is done.

Such procedures include retinal diseases and cataracts.

Requirements for Admission: BS Optometry & Orthoptics / OD (Doctor of Optometry)

  • To become a Doctor of Optometry you need a 5-year degree, various universities offer a B.Sc honor degree, approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • The intermediate must be completed with pre-medical.
  • Various public & private institutions are offering this degree.
  • To acquire admission, both merit and quota level apply.
  • Various institutions require a different entrance percentage.
  • The Faculty of Science (FSc) requires 50 percent to be admitted in the course for OD (Doctor of Optometry)

Career Opportunities: Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan

  • After acquiring a 4-year degree, a qualified Optometry & Orthoptics student will be able to acquire job opportunities in optical treatment centers.
  • The job opportunities which are offered consist of two kinds: These medical students have the choice to join a hospital or being a doctor, to start his/her own business after acquiring experience. Pakistan has various institutions, solely for treating optical disorders. An example is the Shifa International Eye Hospital, located in Rawalpindi. These kinds of institutions offer qualified students a wide scope.
  • The preparation of the required devices which can rehabilitate an optical disorder, is a key career for such specialists.

However, another excellent option is further study within the respective fields. Students can keep on studying until they reach their Ph.D – doctorate level.

PIOS (Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmic Studies): The Al Shifa, located in Rawalpindi, Eye Trust Hospital

  • The field of activity of a Pakistani Doctor of Optometry

The OD (Doctor of Optometry) in Pakistan, a new program, is actually a better option than obtaining the BSc degree in Orthoptics & Optometry. After acquiring the OD degree, the individual will be named doctor.

Furthermore, it poses to be an excellent substitute for Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) as well as Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).

A Doctor of optometry in Pakistan, can actually receive a better remuneration when compared to other doctors & dentists. Pakistan needs a lot of qualified ODs  (Doctors of Optometry).

Pakistan has to import optical sciences products, which are imported at a high cost, whilst and OD will be capable to produce such products locally.

By producing these Optical Sciences products, even in a limited number, OD’s will be able to make an unbelievable profit. These products include:

  • Ocular Prosthesis – light weight
  • PMMA Prosthesis – cross-linked
  • Omni-Fit Enucleation Implant which can be re-adjusted
  • Artificial Eyes
  • Prostho Guide Conformer: Calibrated
  • Evisceration Balls
  • Cosmetic Contact Shells
  • Conformers
  • Muscular Implants
  • Scleral Shells
  • Congenital Anophthalmia & Microphthalmia
  • Exenteration Prosthesis

Universities & Colleges: For Optometry training to Become a Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan

  • King Edward Medical University located in Lahore
  • DOW University of Health Sciences located in Karachi
  • University of Health Sciences – Affiliated Colleges in Lahore
  • University of Punjab located in Lahore
  • FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences in Lahore
  • Rawalpindi Medical College located in Rawalpindi
  • Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology located in Peshawar
  • University of Faisalabad located in Faisalabad – 5-year OD
  • Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology; the Al Shifa Eye Trust located in Rawalpindi
  • The Superior University – in Lahore
  • Imperial College of Business Studies in Lahore – 5-year OD
  • The University of Lahore – main campus in Lahore – 5-year OD
  • Rashid Lateef Medical College located in Lahore
  • The University of Lahore – Sihala Campus, Islamabad – 5-year OD
  • Hafeez Institute of Medical Sciences located in Peshawar
  • Bashir Para Medical Institute – in Islamabad
  • Sahara Medical College located in Narowal
  • Advance Life College of Medical Sciences – in Lahore
  • Faisal Institute of Health Sciences in Faisalabad
  • Shalamar School of Allied Health Science – 5-year OD in Lahore
  • Isra University – Islamabad Campus – 5-year OD
  • College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences, Lahore – Mio Hospital
  • Munawar Memorial Hospital & College of Optometry in Chakwal
  • Shalamar School of Allied Sciences – 5-year OD in Lahore
  • Al Ibrahim Eye Hospital in Malir – Karachi

These universities or colleges will help you to become a successful Doctor of Optometry in Pakistan.

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