Scope of Botany in Pakistan

Scope of Botany in Pakistan


Botany is the branch of biology that belongs to the scientific study of plants. Plants’ development, arrangement, classification, function and growth etc. all come under the title of Botany. Botany is a large field and the scope of Botany in Pakistan is also huge. The people who have interest in plants they can be related to this field.

Pakistan is an Agricultural Country

For an agricultural country like Pakistan, the importance of Botany cannot be neglected. Many colleges, institutes and universities offer bachelor and master degrees in Botany. There are a lot of opportunities in this field. Farming industries, farming countries, pharmaceutical companies, research centers depict great scope of Botany in Pakistan.

There is always a need of a botanist for the solution of the problem that the plant life faces. Along with that for a healthy and fresh farming ecosystem a botanist is required. Moreover, how plant life can be effective for reducing pollution, climate change, creating a safe and healthy environment is the major area of this field.

Fields of Botany in Pakistan

The scope of Botany in Pakistan can be judged by the fact that how much plants are necessary for earth planet and human life. In this regard, you can say that botany would not be limited to only one field. There are many doors that open new opportunities for you. Forestry, ecology, plant breeders and biochemist also other fields that make a larger scope of botany in Pakistan.

Botanists make their career in horticulture department as well. For maintaining and improving plants in parks, botanists recommend the most suitable plants and procedures for their growth in the best possible way. Environmental consultant plays a vital role in a country. With a specialization in Botany, you can opt out this profession.

In a college and university, you can teach Botany. Teaching is also a nice and most respectable field in Pakistan. The scope of Botany in Pakistan can be traced in the profession of nursery manager and molecular biologist. So, the importance of botany cannot be denied at any rate.

What is role of Botanist in Pakistan?

A biologist is a person who conducts research in the field of biology. Biology, zoology, deals with the composition of the animal world, hence the biologist studies the behavior of living things and the interactions between themselves and their environment. Biology is a very broad field that includes all living things, so it is divided into many different fields, including botany, which deals with all aspects of plant life. The role of the botanist is to study the structure and development of the plant, reproduction, metabolism, diseases, chemical properties and evolutionary relationships between different groups of plants.

In addition, biologists are engaged in teaching, research and in the many fields which come under the head of biology.

Demand for botanist in Pakistan?

Also, most biologists in Pakistan turn to work in academia, medical laboratories and research institutes. There is also a demand for biologists in commercial companies in the pharmaceutical and food industry. In order to be considered a biologist or botanist, one must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree from one of the colleges or universities recognized by the HEC. Biological work entails a number of risks, but at the same time – maintaining precautionary and safety rules ensures avoidance of possible work accidents, and therefore the biologist Should be a responsible person with experience, knowledge and understanding in the field.

Popular requirements for botany profession in Pakistan

  • High motivation and passion for the field of Botany
  • Willingness to work in a laboratory
  • Excellent research skills
  • Ability to study and work independently
  • Seriousness
  • Responsibility
  • Patience
Scope of Botany in Pakistan
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Scope of Botany in Pakistan
Botany is a large field and the scope of Botany in Pakistan is also huge. The people who have interest in plants they can be related to this field.
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