How to Improve Education System in Pakistan

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan


Education is considered a strong pillar of a society and it can turn the fortune of a nation to its best. It provides the most appropriate solutions to all state-related problems. In Pakistan, the education system is going through multiple problems that should be solved as soon as possible.

I won’t be wrong in saying that among many other threatening problems, our weak educational system is also the one suffering greatly. Maybe educational problems are the biggest reasons for creating other problems in the local public areas.

All measures that demand a proper schooling or educational system should be encouraged. Pakistan is one such country where we cannot expect progress without hard work and it is only possible with a keen sense of knowledge and learning. We must need to give an ear to these educational problems to not let them ruin the future of our children.

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan

Below are some of the Education system in Pakistan that defines How to Improve Education System in Pakistan?

  • Education should be made compulsory for everyone
  • Effective policies should be made and acted upon
  • The existing reforms should not be ignored but to be followed
  • Bring unanimity in the educational institutes
  • Remove differentiation in curriculum
  • Disparities and complexes should be eradicated

Education system in Pakistan

The education system in Pakistan needs proper planning and strategy to work properly. Several reforms are being made but the problems lie when these reforms are not acted upon. What is the benefit of the policies made for the betterment of the educational system in Pakistan when these policies are not acted upon? Certainly, no benefit. These policies without action are of no use to us.

Governing bodies in Pakistan

According to Article 25 of the Pakistan Constitution, the governing bodies in Pakistan are obliged to give free education to the people belonging to the age group of 5 to 16 years. However, this act is not practiced in major parts of the country. People are deprived of this opportunity.

In order to remove educational problems, we first need to make it compulsory and available for each individual belonging to any part of the country. This is the right time for our government to bring this issue under the limelight.

Moreover, there should be unity in the curriculum institutions. All educational institutes need to be united to form a universal curriculum instead of developing their own. Despite acting on a single curriculum, these institutions can together form a more reliable and authentic curriculum for students across the country. What needs to be done in this regard? The Ministry of Education in Pakistan should need to develop and design a specific curriculum and then advise all the educational sectors to follow that specific curriculum for more effective results.

Curriculum activities in different institutes

Differentiations in the curriculum activities in different institutes resulted in an overall disturbed and distorted educational system. The nation should make it upon itself to bring unanimity in the educational curriculum in order to improve the educational system in Pakistan.

Apart from the government forces, it is the moral duty of each one of us to encourage our educational system and make amendments to bring prosperity in it.

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan
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How to Improve Education System in Pakistan
In site there are some of the Education system in Pakistan that defines How to Improve Education System in Pakistan? 
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