How to join Pakistan Air Force?

How to join Pakistan Air Force?


Pakistan Air Force

The Pakistan Air Force is certainly one of the best Air Forces in the world. Due to its dedication, successful aerial missions, and effective strategies, the Pakistan Air Force has put up a strong impact on the world. Ever since it came into existence, it has been protecting the aerial boundaries of the Pakistani land.

How to join Pakistan Air Force? Pakistan Air Force is always on its mark to defend the country from the external as well as internal threats. It has been fighting against the enemies for decades while using the latest technologies, passions, and courage never to yield. It has been provided with the best fighter jets and other technologies as evident from our recent encounter with the Indian Air Force that took place in February 2019.

The nation’s proud heroes Wing Commander Muhammad Nauman Ali Khan and Squadron Leader Hasan Siddiqui have successfully shot down Indian Mig-21 and Su-30MKI. Even Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan who was captured by the Pakistan Air Force has lauded the hospitality and behavior of the Pakistan Air Force, making this country even more proud.

Meanwhile, logistics support and strategic air transport have also been provided by the PAF to the other special forces of the country like the Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army.

How to join Pakistan Air Force?

Interesting in becoming Pakistan’s aerial defender? If you were ever dreaming of becoming a pilot or joining the Pakistan Air Force in other respective fields, then we are here to provide you a complete set of instructions to join the Pakistan Air Force.

First of all, we need to focus on what the Pakistan Air Force has to offer? Here, in this context, offer refers to a set of disciplines through which you can apply for the Pakistan Air Force.

You can join Pakistan Air Force on the basis of the following disciplines,

  • General Duty Pilot
  • Engineering
  • Air Defense
  • Administration
  • Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Accounts

PAF is very keen to hire such people who have a passion to fight and the courage to sacrifice his life for the wellbeing of the country. In the Pakistan Air Force, you will always experience a highly professional and trained staff. These people are true to their services and never disappoint the nation in their respective fields.

Types of Services that PAF offers

There are three types of services being offered in the Pakistan Air Force,

  • Permanent Commission (PC)
  • Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC)
  • Short Service Commission (SSC)

It is entirely based on an individual’s personal interests and his qualification that determines what service he is going to perform.

Pakistan Air Force Joining Procedure

When and how to apply for the Pakistan Air Force?

It is pertinent to note that several local newspapers have been publishing the eligibility criteria as well as the education required to join PAF every 5 to 6 months. You can also seek guidance regarding the qualification and eligibility criteria on Pakistan Air Force’s official website.

Moreover, several selection centers have been established in almost all the major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. These selection centers help aspirants in their pursuit of joining the Pakistan Air Force. Seeking the latest information concerning the joining of the PAF is very necessary for the candidates.

The First Step in Joining Procedure of PAF

The first step in the joining procedure of the Pakistan Air Force includes an online test that is being conducted by the selection centers. This online test is called the ‘Intelligence Test’ that is comprised of material related to the main subjects i.e. English, mathematics, and Physics.

Those students who successfully clear their intelligence test, are qualified for interview. After which their medical examination is conducted at the selection centers.

Candidates clearing all the initial requirements are further called by the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) where they have to complete a 4 days strenuous procedure. The PAF Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) is located in Malir Cantt, Quetta, Gujranwala, and Kohat.

AT Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB), candidates are further tested for,

  • Intelligence
  • Psychological screening
  • Group Discussions
  • Command Tasks
  • Physical Test

A complete series of interviews are also conducted by the senior officers from the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB). After a candidate successfully completed all the tasks assigned by the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB), he is then recommended by the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) to clear the next step that is of a complete medical examination.

The Second Step in Joining Procedure of PAF  

Selected candidates are then medically examined at the Central Medical Board (CMB) that is located at the Pakistan Air Force Hospital, Lahore. If a candidate aspires to become a General Duty Pilot then he has to go through a Flying Aptitude Test that will mark his decision-making skills, multitasking, and motor skills that are required to become a successful pilot.

The Last Step in Joining Procedure of PAF 

After successfully going through the first and second steps, the candidate is finally selected for the post he aspires to be appointed at. Lastly, he has to report to the Pakistani Air Force Academy.

The training session at the Pakistan Air Force is generally for three years that includes military training as well as the academic session that is semester-based.

Concluding Thoughts

While concluding my article, I would like to give some words of advice to the PAF aspirants, always try your best and never lose hope. Beginnings are always hard, but your efforts and hard work definitely pay you in the long run.

How to join Pakistan Air Force?
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How to join Pakistan Air Force?
How to join Pakistan Air Force? Pakistan Air Force is always on its mark to defend the country from the external as well as internal threats.
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