How to Prepare for NTS

How to Prepare for NTS


NTS stands for ‘National Testing Service’. Anybody interested in getting an admission in a university or a government job must be aware of what NTS is. As the name NTS suggested, it is a huge testing system in Pakistan. You can always rely upon NTS for fair results.

It has been conducting exams for ages. NTS was established back in 2002. It tests candidates’ eligibility for certain vacant positions and posts announced by the government of Pakistan. Moreover, several universities are also seeking NTS help in giving admissions to students. Those who have already attempted NTS exams must clearly know this testing system. It is indeed not a piece of cake, but you have to work hard to pass the NTS exams. You are selected only if you fulfill their criteria of selection.


FPSC is another organization conducting exams of the students. It stands for Federal Public Service Commission working in Islamabad. Both NTS and FPSC are used to conduct exams fairly.

NTS is working as a private organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors. Within a short span, NTS receives massive respect from the organizations and institutes. It is now considered an essential part of any examination. It is widely known for promoting merit. COMSATS and Bahauddin Zakariya University are conducting students’ exams through NTS.

NTS receives both positive and negative responses. Positive form the institutions and public sectors while many students consider this testing system quite difficult. With the establishment of NTS, many institutes take a sigh of relief because it was the only system that can filter millions of applications while considering the best students.

How to Prepare for NTS

How to Prepare for NTS? Before discussing the NTS exam preparation, let me first introduce you to some of the common NTS offered tests that are conducted all over Pakistan.

  • National Aptitude Test (NAT)
  • Graduate Assessment Test (GAT)
  • Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAWGAT)
  • National Teachers Database Program (NTDP)
  • Medical Representatives Certification Program (MRCP)
  • Customized Tests
  • E-Marking

So, let us now discuss how to prepare for NTS!

Before starting preparing for the NTS, you first need to know the NTS exam parts. It has four main parts that include,

  • Verbal English
  • Quantitative Part
  • Analytical Part
  • Subject Part

The first and foremost step to prepare for the NTS is to buy a good book having a series of MCQs and stuff required in the NTS exam.

Studying and practicing English MCQs from the book will prove to be a great help to you in order to pass the NTS exam.

Practice Sample NTS papers that can be easily found on the internet. The more you practice, the more you learn.

Practice both the quantitative and analytical portions as much as you can.

While preparing for NTS, just focus on the minute details, subjective part, and the strategies that are used in the sample papers.

Test Taking Strategies

The first thing is your time management. The MCQs section has a very short time and you have to quickly respond to them. Try to arrange a wristwatch for better time management during the test.

Read each question carefully and try to answer it logically instead of just bragging the concept.

If you find any MCQ or question quite complicated to solve then don’t stick to it while wasting time. It will overall affect your test performance.

How to Prepare for NTS
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How to Prepare for NTS
How to Prepare for NTS? Before discussing the NTS exam preparation, let me first introduce you to some of the common NTS offered tests
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