How to Fight Against Negative Education

How to Fight Against Negative Education


What is Negative Education?

Negative Education can be defined as, “A complete departure from the traditional and artificial system of education imposed upon the child.”

In negative education, the child is forced to perceive adult ideas and act accordingly. A very popular notion “Spare the rod, spoil the child” can better explain what negative education can be. The educators in older times do not care about the child’s ideas or thoughts. They were forced to think what educators want them to think.

In Negative of bad education, the students are forced to learn and if anyone of them disobeys their teachers, then he himself is responsible for the consequences of his disobedience. In ancient times, schools acted as a terror for the students. There was no freedom of expression given to the students and the teachers were very harsh in their teaching strategies.

However, in the modern era, few philosophies were introduced by some great philosophers that tend to bring change in the educational sectors.

As it has been rightly said by a famous author that,

“We are instructed to do the negative; the positive is already within us.”

We are living in an era where teachers are eager to digest student’s points of view and are ready to guide and help them. But at the same time, education has become more competitive among the students. Those students who are weak in learning are considered a failure while the smarter ones get all the credit and opportunities.

Students are now seen in involving in a race; a race of getting higher grades, better career options, and a successful future. Many students are forced by their parents to get good grades while comparing their grades to the other students who are smarter than them. This creates a sense of inferiority among the children and they tend to become a victim of this inferiority complex. Students are now living stressful lives and that should not happen.

How to Fight Against Negative Education

How to Fight Against Negative Education? We must take crucial steps to eradicate the negative or bad education of our society.

  • The educational institutes should act wisely and should treat each student according to his mental capacity
  • Students should not be forced to study or to perceive a concept or idea
  • Students should be given a chance to explain their point of views
  • The Chairperson of any educational institute should check up on his educators
  • The negative educators should be kicked off from educational sectors to encourage a positive learning

Different ways to deal with the negative educators

There is no wonder that the educational institutes are full of teachers that are filling the minds of the students with negativity. Students should not let anyone ruin his career by creating negative thoughts in his mind. Living with the negative people and teachers I no less than dealing with a frustrating situation.

The team Talib Ilm has curated different ways through which you can deal with the negative teachers!

  • Address behavior with your teacher
  • Get Administration involved in it
  • Learn to properly express your feelings
  • Remove yourself from a toxic situation
  • Never let go of your Positivity

So, this is our mutual duty to eradicate negative education from our country. A single man cannot do this, we have to be united to nip the evil in the bud.

How to Fight Against Negative Education
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How to Fight Against Negative Education
How to Fight Against Negative Education? We must take crucial steps to eradicate the negative or bad education of our society.
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