Learn from Home During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Learn from Home During the Corona Virus Pandemic


The corona virus pandemic which is now endemic has also affected the field of education with the termination of teaching and learning activities directly. Even so that the Learn from Home During the Corona Virus Pandemic continues to run applied online learning methods. However, some students also find it difficult to study with online modules. Well, here are some study tips at home during the corona virus pandemic that you should try.

1.Make your study room comfortable

Conducive space is one of the main factors that determine the success of the online learning process at home during the pandemic. There are two things that are the main points of a good study room, which are

  1. Study room should be quiet
  2. A comfortable study room

This means that in the room there are no disturbances such as television and learning facilities such as desks and chairs also available. If in the house, there are several school or university students it is good if you separate each study room.

2.Make a proper Learning Schedule

The house has always been the most comfortable place to relax. However, the conditions are not good and you need to prepare the things fast.

Such as accepting the fact that the teaching and learning process continues at home.

So you don’t forget when to study and relax, then make a special schedule about your study time. This is also very important especially if you have to go through the process of doing live chats through certain applications. So the opportunity to miss lessons is getting smaller.

3.Participate in Learning Classes Regularly

Many people are complacent about the situation of studying at home because the situation is very different when in school or university. However, it can bring bad effects if it continues to be a problem as the learning process becomes unsuccessful.

Therefore, start getting used to learning as you should. If at the education center you learn the whole subjects with all resources like printed books, notebooks, and pens, then also try to arrange these things when you are going to study at home.

4.Arrange Fast & Reliable Tools

Learning from home in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic is not as easy as you think that preparing your stationery is everything. There are many things you need to provide to ensure the smooth teaching and learning process. Moreover, this activity involves technology such as applications.

One should learn the use of apps as well. The noise or kids’ presence is another challenge while studying at home during the virus season.

There are some supporting learning tools at home that you must have at least for this process to run conducive.  The equipment is a cellphone, laptop or computer device, and also an internet connection. Just imagine if the internet connection at your house is bad when you are learning through live chat or when you are understanding an important query.

5.For Parents, Help Children Learn

There is another tip specifically for parents who have school-age children. Usually this age range is rather difficult to manage and focus on studying at home. You need to give them time as the school going kids cannot be sticky at one place. Therefore, the presence of parents beside them during the learning process is very necessary

That’s why your schedule should be flexible for example if you are not able to complete the assignment at one given time then you should have other spare time to make up the deficiency.

Parents simply monitor their learning activities from electronic devices. Then if the child has a difficulty to deal with some work, don’t hesitate to give them help. If you don’t help them then family system will be affected.

Children usually prefer to do activities together with their parents. They do not know if parents are also actively communicating with the teacher.

6.Try to adjust yourself with Interference

It is undeniable that studying at home has many things that can interfere. Starting from television, cellphones, game consoles, younger siblings, even food. Therefore, one of your hard tasks is to try to avoid it while on other hand you try to manage them.

Some persons claim working from home or learning from home during Corona season has double the work load.

Having your own study room is indeed effective enough to avoid learning disruptions. But everything is back to you, how much intention and determination you show to focus on learning. For example, you can set a specific time to use social media on mobile.

7.You can watch favorite tutorials

Not all students like short clips during the learning process, but some are even more eager to learn if accompanied by music or naats. In this case you really need to be careful because not all types of music can help you learn.

Choosing your favorite music all the time is also considered inappropriate, because you can get swept up in the strains. So, first focus should be on study then you can open up YouTube or your favorite streaming sites.

8.Maintain Good Relations with Teachers

Teachers and lecturers are also active in teaching you during the pandemic epidemic. It’s just that the teaching and learning process in corona season is not easy as the teaching staff can’t watch you like you attend the class on a normal day. They will also certainly find it difficult to monitor the progress of students one by one.

Some hazards are there but on the other hand it is caving the energy costs and also it is helpful for ones who want to double their knowledge in short time.

Therefore, under these conditions you must be good at putting yourself at peaceful place. Believe me the teacher and lecturer will give you feedback about the lesson even though it is a bit slow. So if during the learning process you face obstacles, don’t hesitate to ask the teacher and lecturer directly.

After the end of course you may discuss all the flaws or deficiencies with your course tutors. Plus, you can note down each question at the end of specific chapter it would be easy for you to manage the study.

Learn from Home During the Corona Virus Pandemic
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Learn from Home During the Corona Virus Pandemic
Even so that the Learn from Home During the Corona Virus Pandemic continues to run applied online learning methods
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