Quaid e Azam University Pakistan

Quaid e Azam University Pakistan


Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad is a top ranked university of Pakistan. It is ranked number 1 in top ranked universities 2020. One can understand what would be the worth of this university that was established in July 1967 and under the act of National Assembly. The earlier name was University of Islamabad.

Basically in its start, only two types of degrees were introduced. These are given here.

  1. M.Phil
  2. Ph.D

M.Sc Degree

But later on it was decided Pakistani students need best platforms for their master level degrees as well. The need for M.Sc degree was unavoidable. The students from all regions of Pakistan were able to get admission for master degree programs as well.

Quaid e Azam University

In satellite town there a building on rent where quaid e azam uni started the working. Now undergraduate programs are also taught there by the top teachers. And we see quaid e azam university ranking is still on the top. We can have complete trust and satisfaction if we get success in taking the admission.

Quaid e azam university Islamabad has successfully established the links with top universities of

  1. USA
  2. Euorpe
  3. South Asian Universities

Quaid e Azam Uni

It means fully recognized university it is at International level as well. UNESCO and IRSIP also has the strong linkage with quaid e azam uni.

Quaid e Azam University Pakistan

How many faculties quaid e azam university has?

Currently there are 4 major faculties which are very popular. Along with these four faculties there are almost 9 research institutes and schools which is not a small thing for any university. We will here mention some important faculties introduced by this top university of Islamabad.

  1. Faculty of Medicine ( for science students)
  2. Area Study Centre for Africa
  3. Social sciences faculty
  4. Faculty of Biological Sciences
  5. Natural sciences Department

Quaid e Azam University Address

Quaid e azam university Pakistan is aiming to provide quality education to the students of Paksitan. Over 6000 students are enrolled in different departments of this university. You can also find the quaid e azam university address here.

“University Rd, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory of Pakistan”

Quaid e Azam University Contact Number

Quaid e azam university contact number is another important information that students require normally and it is (051) 9064000.

The importance of QAU degree in Professional Career:

Access to higher education opens up a world of work opportunities. And when you are in a high ranked university say, QAU then you are very close to the success. You get maximum benefits and opportunities to show the potential skills. The state of the art IT infrastructure is available at the campus.

We need to figure out the faculty quality as well. Normally being students we make a mistake when choosing a university for our master or post graduate diploma. We look at the building, area or the ambiance we should try to check the caliber of teachers. The scope of subjects which they are offering.

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Take advantage of your time at the QAU to go beyond a degree, and acquire the best skills. Being a graduate is the first step of a high level training that will help you in your employability.

Deciding on a university career and, above all, feeling motivated to do it is something that you may have doubts about.

The value of higher education and the reasons that lead you to study must go beyond getting a good job. You must focus everything to your goals and your personal and professional development. Currently, there are many students who access the university and get a degree. But that’s just the beginning because quaid e azam uni will take to the top level.


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