Study at San Francisco State University

Study at San Francisco State University


It is dream of many brilliant students to study at USA university. The class of education is quite high here. If you study at San Francisco State University, you study in the heart of San Francisco – the hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. They may offer you free and personal study advice and help you with all practical matters such as your application, accommodation, finances and scholarships.

International students at San Francisco State University USA

As an international student at San Francisco State University you can choose from the following study options:

  • English language courses,
  • Diploma AT SFSU,
  • Study Abroad (option to follow individual courses during one or two semesters to fill in your minor or interim year),
  • bachelor, master degree
  • certificate and PhD (in a limited number of directions).

Courses at San Francisco State University

At San Francisco State University, you can study almost anything you want. Here you will find courses such as business, marketing, communication, performing arts, graphic design, media and much more.

Tuition fee at San Francisco State University USA

The tuition fee at San Francisco State University varies per study level. First, decide which field of study or subjects you are interested in, so then you can give a better idea of ​​the costs, finances and possible scholarships to study there.

San Francisco State University has significant place on the international rankings of the best universities in the world. Student life in San Francisco is great and we assure you that you will have an unforgettable time here. You can have opportunities to join international companies. Business opportunities are countless there. You can have internships to get practical knowledge.

5 reasons to study at San Francisco State University

Several former students from San Francisco State University are at the top in different industries.

International Awards by Alumni of SFSU

  1. All in all, former SFSU students have won 16 Oscars, 10 Grammy’s, 48 ​​Emmy’s and 12 Tony’s.
  2. Small groups Study scheme – about 30 students in each class
  3. Possibility to live on campus as a student or to get help finding accommodation
  4. There are more than 200 different student clubs at the university – plenty of opportunity to find one that fits your hobbies and interests
  5. SFSU is just 20 minutes from Union Square

What can I study at San Francisco State University?

San Francisco State University offers more than 78 courses and more than 510 courses, so you will undoubtedly find something that fits your interests. Some examples are:

  1. accounting
  2. American Indian Studies,
  3. animation,
  4. anthropology,
  5. art,
  6. Asian American Studies,
  7. communication, biology,
  8. business,
  9. film studies,
  10. computer science,
  11. criminology, dance,
  12. digital media production,
  13. ecology, economics, education,
  14. history, film & media,
  15. tourism, marketing, management,
  16. journalism
  17. marine biology and zoology.

Life in San Francisco

Living and studying in San Francisco is a unique opportunity that you should definitely not miss. San Francisco is a great city to live in, there is always plenty to do and it is also not a big city.

We should study in a city where we can expect many work opportunities. This university is offering many IT courses as well which students can follow. In USA you will see huge potential for IT sector.

If you want to increase chances of employment, then you should learn extra IT skills or courses for your bright career. Do not rely on typical degree only. For instance, in your call there is your fellow who is completing same degree as you are doing.

At the time of interview, the expected employer asks, what extra skills do you have? How can you give us synergy? How can you compete in this environment with technical skills? So, these are questions which you must keep in mind as you are going to be in challenging environment.

Transportation for SFSU

Explore the city on foot or use the trams and buses. In addition, Uber is also an easy way to get around. San Francisco has several neighborhoods that you should definitely discover such as Mission (young, hip and edgy), The Marina (colorful houses and trendy cafes), Haight Street (the old and hippie part), Fillmore Street (good for shopping).

A day trip from SFSU

Marin County on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge is also a beautiful area. At 30 minutes from San Francisco you will find Berkeley, a pleasant town where you will also find many students and you can spot special houses. A perfect place for a day trip.

Ranking of San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is one of the most diverse major universities in the US, the top 25 Film Schools in the US and the top 25 universities in the USA you will see. In short, a study at San Francisco State University means investing in yourself and in your future.

What housing options are around San Francisco State University?

As an international student you have the option to live on campus. If you prefer not to live on campus, you can search for an apartment for yourself or share it with other students. There are various options and our study advisors are happy to tell you more about it.

What can You study at San Francisco State University?

  • English language courses
  • Diploma
  • Study Abroad (one or two semesters)
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • Certificate
  • PhD (in a limited number of directions)

What does it cost to study at San Francisco State University?

The tuition fee at San Francisco State University varies per study program. Study advisors from SFSU are happy to inform you about the exact costs of your preferred study program. For more information about the exact study costs, an estimate of the cost of living in San Francisco.

But consider it a big opportunity for your career. You will get high return if you invest today in yourself. Once we decide to polish our knowledge level then we are actually opening opportunity doors. We must unlock our success with power of knowledge and with power of higher education in San Francisco State University.


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