Why Is Teacher Training Important?

Why Is Teacher Training Important?


Why do we need trained teachers for our youth? Why is teacher training important? Is the actual teacher training incomplete? Is our knowledge of pedagogy didactics and methodology changing so rapidly? To elaborate them we are giving here detailed review the importance of teacher’s training.

Phases of Teachers’ Training

The professionalization of teachers extends throughout life. One should expect that the first phase of teacher training is at the universities. The second phase is at the study seminars which conveys a final level of knowledge to teachers.

Some training skills are offered at seminars because these are related with practical knowledge. Different teachers share their personal experiences at such events. It is another vital source to gain knowledge.

In addition, our knowledge of how we can promote our students’ learning continues to develop. So there is always need of growth in educational research. For example, today we know a lot more about good and successful teaching than 20 years ago.

We can better convey a message that how to encourage students to read?

How long a teacher training should be continued to learn new topics? This is another factor which sometimes forces teachers to remain absent from such trainings. The duration of training must be reasonable.

Heterogeneous learning groups

From our point of view, the universities are comparatively well prepared when it comes to all-day classes system. However, the question of how to prepare teachers for dealing with heterogeneous learning groups should be taken seriously.

However, this does not mean that young teachers always have sufficient skills in how to recognize and diagnose different conditions of students. And, above all, how to react sensibly to these different backgrounds and conditions is important challenge. Good diagnostics and appropriate training are therefore always necessary. There is still a lot to do here for the entire teacher training, not just in the first phase at universities. We also need to know what are problems of teachers which they face during lectures? How can we deal with issues associated between students and university management? Each of these factors have impacts on the performance of teachers.

What should be best course for teacher training?

The training should be consisted of several phases: an input phase in which teachers acquire new knowledge; then the trial phase, in which they apply and test this knowledge in their own lessons. And finally, in the reflection phase, in which the teachers think about the effects of their teaching and about the learning of the students. In final phase they also receive feedback on their own teaching activities from other trainers.

3 important phases of Teacher’s Training

These three input, testing and reflection phases ideally relate to each other. If you understand the importance of this link, you can see advanced training can be really effective in just one day or in one weekend.

It takes at least four to eight attendance phases in which teachers can build up knowledge, test competencies and analyze student learning processes. This includes, for example, the systematic observation of students.

School administrators and teachers often need short courses. School administrators want as concise training as possible.

Teachers want meaningful training that will provide aid for everyday teaching. For example, trainers should consider about what teachers will perceive from the training? It must be used directly in classes and it should have effects.

Trainers should realize that the teachers participating in the advanced training also have different requirements. However, it will not always be possible to meet the demands of teachers for the quick implementation of advanced training content. Because there are no quick and easy solutions for many problems in everyday school life.

Teaching is a demanding job that deals with high professional and human needs.

A lot of training modules do not always help a lot. You can attend a lot of training courses. If these are poorly designed or are not up-to-date in terms of content and didactics, then teachers will have no benefits by attending them.

It is not the quantity of the training that counts but the quality of the training matters. Another important thing is how does a teacher implement the learned art? How does he or she implement strategies during class will also matter?

So, you can say only material in the training sessions is not backbone but participants must also show responsibility after teacher training.

What are the features of high quality training?

We should know what are features of an effective advanced training? Each good training is neither too narrow scoped nor it is too much lengthy. Because in the end each training technique is applied at students. And the level of students is not very much high in majority of cases. That is what trainers keep in mind at training sessions.

Teachers need a good level of technical knowledge in order to be able to assess pupils’ learning levels. It is therefore important that training courses should have a special focus on students as well.

Improvement in students’ Learning:

If training focuses on these characteristics, there is a greater likelihood that the training will improve student learning. These characteristics include, for example, cognitive activation, effective class management and the clarity of teaching. It also insists to start with only those programs and training measures, that have already proven their effectiveness.

Each good training can be well evaluated by checking the level of knowledge of teachers at end of training sessions. That’s why trainers conduct short tests at the end of training workshops. Then evaluation team checks the response of teachers.

Because the tests sessions give clear indication that training has improved ability and methodology of teachers. The main goal is how to improve the performance in class rooms. The brilliant and weak students are in each class. If teacher is brilliant, then he or she can bring the bets results from dull students as well.

So, bottom line is teacher’s trainings must be held regularly for teachers. They must know latest techniques which are being used in international countries where literacy rate is very high.

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