Top Universities in Peshawar

Top Universities in Peshawar


Peshawar is one of the most important cities in Khayber Pakhtunkhwah. No doubt, it has old history and traditions of Peshawar city are really remarkable. Even if you talk about the oldest city not only in Pakistan but also in the south Asian region. Top Universities in Peshawar have excellent record of producing quality leaders for the whole marker of Pakistan. This city produced real heroes to Pakistan.

Top Universities in Peshawar

Primary Languages in Peshawar:

The primary language which most of the people from Peshawar speak is Pashto as well as Hiindko. However, in some of the educational institutes and in best universities of Peshawar English is spoken by students and faculty members. is going to give you a brief introduction about a best university in Peshawar. Start your career with right decision. Do not get admitted in the universities of Peshawar just after seeing the advertisement in some social media channel or in newspaper.

An advertisement does not decide which university is best and which university if providing world class education facilities. Universities are real factories where intellectual minds are prepared. Universities are the institutions which are behind the success of all national and multinational companies. Universities pre a whole lot of skilled persons for companies.

The human being learns the culture and invent unexpected things in really great speed because they know how to use the power of minds and they know how to utilize the power of knowledge which they have gained in 16 to 18 years. Education at university tells a student to explore the things which are normally hidden and they are vital for human development.

Peshawar Universities:

A university in Peshawar is responsible for the growth of economy in the province. Obvious thing is to cope with the unemployment issues, Peshawar universities have decided to start technical education for the students. It will help the persons to learn those skills that will lead towards the doors of employment.

Local Companies in Peshawar:

Top Universities in Peshawar

National or local companies in Peshawar prefer to hire local Peshawar citizens instead of hiring outsiders. But to fill the jobs positions each business need qualified persons. And this is possible only when there is a huge list of qualified workforce and thanks to top universities of Peshawar for providing the quality minds.

The progress of a country’s technology is largely determined by the quality of higher education that helps a country to achieve technological progress through adaptation and innovation. Therefore, the role of higher education in Pakistan is key and very vital in determining the ability of the Pakistani people to continue to progress and create prosperity for all Pakistani people.

Availability of infrastructure.

The progress of a country to compete with other countries is also very dependent on two other factors, namely the quality of institutions and the availability of infrastructure.

The entire leadership of higher education should be ready to create the next generation of the nation that can build the strong foundations of Pakistan to become a developed country. Because if it fails, then Pakistan will be trapped in the low income position. The conditions of economy will be affected.

Theoretically, higher education aims to educate students with enhanced knowledge or adequate expertise while helping them to get to know the “real world”, either through integrated programs (in class, research, thesis) or in the form of field experience (practical work / internships). Higher education gives degrees to students, and is oriented to the formation of professional people who have sufficient scientific standards.

But we can also argue that experience can “beat” education. No need to study high, just work and learn from there. After all, Bill Gates also dropped out of Harvard. That is indeed a fact, but also do not forget to include other facts that Bill Gates has extraordinary talent in the computer field. Hands-on experience does provide many lessons outside the theoretical sciences, that what is taught in schools cannot yet fully provide a real picture of its use in the field.

Does University education guarantee Jobs?

Higher education does not promise us to get jobs easily, but at least higher education can provide us with more knowledge to see and / or create employment opportunities. Or open our minds, because by knowing something, we avoid unnecessary assumptions. Higher education also equips us with knowledge and experience to later be applied and shared.

32 Top universities in Peshawar 2020

1       Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology     Topi

2        Khyber Medical University….  Peshawar

3        University of Peshawar   Peshawar …

4        Hazara University Dhodial …

5        University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar

6        Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

7        Institute of Management Sciences     Peshawar

8        The University of Agriculture, Peshawar     Peshawar …

9        University of Malakand  Chakdara

10      Qurtaba University        Dera Ismail Khan …

11      Islamia College Peshawar        Peshawar

12      Gomal University  Dera Ismail Khan

13      Kohat University of Science and Technology        Kohat

14      Preston University Kohat …

15      City University of Science and Information Technology Peshawar

16      Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology      Peshawar …

17      CECOS University Peshawar

18      University of Science and Technology, Bannu

19      University of Swat Mingora

20      University of Haripur…….       Haripur

21      Northern University…..  Nowshera

22      Bacha Khan University  Charsadda

23      Abasyn University Peshawar …

24      Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University  Sheringal …

25      Gandhara University…….        Peshawar

26      University of Swabi        ..Swabi

27      Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University…..    Peshawar

28      Iqra National University Peshawar

29      Abbottabad University of Science and Technology……   Abbottabad

30      FATA University   Darra Adam Khel

31      Khushal Khan Khattak University… Karak

32      Women University Swabi


These 32 top universities in Peshawar are playing an important role for the youth training. Each year we see a huge number in Ph.Ds. It means the employment opportunities become very crucial.

What are the most popular Universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

So, everyone can easily find the name and address of the universities from KPK Best Universities. The address and phone numbers are given in each university official site. And the fee structure along with admission criteria is also there.

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